When the book Sombat Chew, the 86th anniversary of Sathaphichan Lom Pengkaew (Phum Phet Publishing House, Nov. 2022) arrived in my hand, I smiled in my heart. Thank you Eid Niphatphon for helping me find many stories to write and survive. day

matter that enters

and has been stuck in my heart for a long time, Reverend Father To, Wat Bowon

In this book, Ajarn Lom tells about the progress.

That would be a great secret.

in the royal father

Luang Pho To, Wat Bowon, is the back of Phra Buddha Chinasi that we are familiar with. Ajarn Lom said that it is the largest cast Buddha image in Laem Thong, Dvaravati period that used to reside at Wat Sra Taphan, Phetchaburi.

History of Wat Bowon that

Somdet Phra Bowonratchao Mahasakphonsep

Please invite them in when the temple is built.

But...the exact date and time are still unknown.

in the archeology book

Phraya Auth Thanarak Edition

Notes in the Year of the Monkey

B.E. 2367...in Horoscope language

Somdej Krom Phraya Damrong Rajanubhab explains the message clearly.

Luang Pho To was invited to go to Bangkok.

Ajarn Lom reviewed the information until he came up with a story that should be settled.

"The day that Reverend Father arrived

That is, the 6th day of the waxing moon in the 10th month, corresponding to the 29th day of August, approximately 39 days after the death of King Rama II.

Today, the land of Wat Sa Taphan

It's an abandoned temple in the middle of the city.

It is a place where the monastery is rented out as a residence.

Back in the year 1915 Phra Maha Samanachao

Krom Phraya Yaw Chirayanwarorot

came to inspect the monks

There is a report...at Sa Taphan Temple, there is a large ubosot that has completely collapsed, leaving only some pillars.

There is a large sima leaf, solidly made of laterite, located

asked the governor of the city

to send a pair of colored leaves to that temple to offer at Bowonniwet Vihara Temple

in order to have it as a mark

Because of the big Buddha statue...

When Luang Por was summoned to Wat Bowon

Technician Wang Na paid respect to His Majesty

fix the pill

by removing a new one

Made into thorns and jackfruit as nowadays

This story was confirmed by Wat Bowon's book, so it is believed to be true.

As for the ore of the psychic (Suwankhat, believed to turn the metal into gold), no one knows where it will fall.

to the land of King Mongkut

Please bring the Buddha Chinnasri from Phitsanulok to be enshrined in front of Luang Por.

The story of Phra Chinnasi obscures the story of Luang Pho.

Master Siem has a conversation with a goldsmith Ruang.

who went to take care of the repair of Luang Por's base

because the old stucco pattern is damaged

The goldsmith said that the Reverend Father's touch was close.

Obviously, Reverend Father is quite fat.

because it was plastered too much

During the base pattern repair

The senior monk of Wat Bowon

(Permission to remain anonymous) He told the goldsmith that Ruang

Many years ago, there was a restoration of the entire Luang Por when part of the old plaster was removed.

Obviously, Luang Pho is all gold.

but the temple did not dare to reveal it as news

Therefore, the mortar was used to cover it as before.

Fallen goldsmith asks you.

About removing the seed of Luang Por Phra Sok

To find psychic ore is it true or not?

you say you don't know

If there is actually cutting, it would be more gold cutting.

Elder believes that

The reason for inviting Luang Por from Phet City

Because Reverend Father is gold

If staying in the next city

may not be safe

inadequate care

Issue: Reverend Father To Wat Bowon

The content is gold... will it be a higher percentage of gold?

For me, it's not as exciting as

when peeling off the plaster

Reverend Father To, when will you become a Buddha image of art?

will be the Dvaravati period

As the teacher said

It was the Sukhothai period, the U Thong period. Don't forget Phetchaburi during the prosperous period, communicating with China in the Yuan period.

If you are a rambutan.

Will it be as beautiful as Reverend Father Sukhothai, Wat Traimit or not?

Every issue is a big deal.

Request for all parties

Help each other to find clarity.

Kilen competes