Lin Yineng, director-general of the Lugu Township Farmers Association in Nantou County, pointed out that under the impact of drought, many tea trees in the village lost their leaves and died.

(Photo by reporter Xie Jieyu)

[Reporter Xie Jieyu/Report from Nantou] Attention tea farmers in Nantou County, thanks to the concerted efforts of the local government and the civil society, the tea in the county has withered due to severe drought and failed to harvest. And from today (29) to accept the application of tea farmers, until April 7th, the county government calls on farmers to seize the time to apply to the public office where the household registration is located.

Chen Ruiqing, Director of the Agricultural Department of Nantou County Government, said that after the county government received the approval of the Agricultural Committee last night that Nantou County tea was included in the relief of drought-damaged crops, it immediately notified the official document to 13 township and city offices in the county at work this morning, and emphasized that Qingming And Children's Day 5-day holiday without a break, as usual to accept farmers' applications for tea drought damage, remind all offices to do a good job in staff scheduling and rotation to avoid public grievances.

Nantou County currently has about 6,500 hectares of tea planting area, ranking first in Taiwan. In terms of cash assistance, it is stipulated that those whose loss rate of tea gardens does not reach 20% will not receive assistance. Those who qualify for assistance will receive a cash assistance amount of 50,000 yuan per hectare of tea gardens. 5000 yuan.

As for low-interest loans, the calculation standard is based on Chunghwa Post’s 2-year fixed deposit mobile interest rate minus 0.305% as the calculation standard. The current annual interest rate is 1.165%. Submit an application to the loan agency within 15 days after receiving the Disaster Suffering Certificate.

The Council of Agriculture issued an official document to inform the Nantou county government that Nantou tea has been included in the cash relief for agricultural natural disasters.

(Photographed by reporter Xie Jieyu)