The Sun Moon Lake Yidashao Water Bikeway project encountered a sudden drop in water level, which blocked the transportation of materials on the waterway. The progress of the project was delayed and it is expected that it will not open until the Dragon Boat Festival.

(Provided by the Japanese Management Office)

[Reporter Liu Binquan/Report from Nantou] Sun Moon Lake’s Yidashao Water Bikeway was working hard after the Spring Festival, and tried to open it during the Qingming Festival. Unexpectedly, the water level dropped sharply, and the original plan to transport materials to the construction area by water was broken. The company was forced to use land transportation to the work area, resulting in delays in construction. The Sun Moon Lake Scenic Area Management Office stated that although the construction progress has reached 90%, it is still not in time for the opening of the Qingming Festival. Fully open.

The Dragon Boat Festival and holidays are fully open

The Japanese Management Office pointed out that the Yidashao Water Bikeway is about 600 meters long. At the beginning of construction, because the water condition was stable last year and the water level was quite high, the construction was carried out underwater, resulting in a rather long construction period.

Later, the underwater foundation pile project was finally completed. At the beginning of this year, only the pavement of the pavement, railings and other final projects were left. The original plan was to use the waterway to carry materials to the construction along the trail to shorten the transportation time and speed up the construction progress. However, the water level dropped sharply, the boats and rafts could not reach the trail waters, and the waterway transportation was blocked, which caused the construction progress to fall behind, and the Qingming Festival could not be opened even during the holiday.

At present, the progress of the project has reached 90%, and the materials are transported to the trail construction area by land transportation. It is expected to be completed by the end of May, and then it will be accepted. You can experience the scenery of the water bicycle path near the water club.