DPP spokesman Zhang Zhihao appealed that Ma Ying-jeou should directly appeal to Xi Jinping, asking the co-planner not to keep invading Taiwan, to give up attacking Taiwan by force as soon as possible, let alone to be a troublemaker in the region.

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[Reporter Chen Zhengyu/Taipei Report] Former President Ma Ying-jeou visited the Nanjing Massacre Memorial Hall today (29th) and said that both sides of the strait should avoid war and seek peace to avoid war.

In this regard, DPP spokesperson Zhang Zhihao said that since Ma Ying-jeou is in China, please speak directly to Chinese President Xi Jinping, asking the co-planners not to keep invading Taiwan, to give up attacking Taiwan by force as soon as possible, let alone to be troublemakers in the region.

In response to Ma Ying-jeou's mention of "revitalizing China is the unavoidable responsibility of Chinese people on both sides of the strait", Zhang Zhihao criticized, "Taiwan is Taiwan, we are Taiwanese, and whoever you are is Chinese."

Regarding Ma Ying-jeou's views on cross-strait peace, Zhang Zhihao said that it is good to resist aggression, and of course the two sides must avoid war, but "preparing for war can avoid war." Ma Ying-jeou is asked to clarify the target. Please speak directly to Xi Jinping, asking the co-pilot not to keep invading Taiwan, to give up attacking Taiwan by force as soon as possible, and not to be a troublemaker in the region, let alone the former President Ma, please shout out for the people of Taiwan, We are waiting for you!"

Zhang Zhihao said that after Ma Ying-jeou broke off diplomatic relations with Taiwan, he insisted on going to China regardless of public opinion. Not only did the CCP downgrade the level of airport reception, but even the itinerary and conversations were within the framework set by the CCP. What is outrageous is that Ma Ying-jeou only dared to call himself I have done "this", may I ask the former president of Taiwan, the Republic of China, is it so embarrassing to say it?

In addition, the CCP’s 20 warships continued to harass Taiwan, basically washing Ma Ying-jeou’s face and urging him to return to Taiwan as soon as possible.

Zhang Zhihao pointed out that Ma Ying-jeou was repeatedly treated inappropriately by the other side during this trip, from receiving officials and receiving vehicles downgraded, restricting the media from using the title of "President Ma", and official media only calling him "Ma Ying-jeou" and further criticizing Ma as "mean and ungrateful. ", and CCTV cut out all the "Republic of China" that Ma secretly mentioned; when Ma Ying-jeou visited the Nanjing Massacre Memorial Hall, he left a message "History must never be forgotten". In response, as a Taiwanese, I feel very sorry for the treatment of the former president.

Regarding cross-strait peace, Zhang Zhihao reiterated that the DPP has always advocated maintaining the status quo of peace and stability across the Taiwan Strait, and the key to the stable development of cross-strait relations should be based on "peace, equality, democracy, and dialogue"; Under the international situation, it is really inappropriate to insist on visiting China at this time. Now that the trip is possible, we should stand on the standpoint of defending Taiwan's national sovereignty, democracy and freedom, and protest to Xi Jinping in person, demanding that he immediately stop his bullying behavior against Taiwan.