A netizen shared that because someone he knew just happened to open a chicken farm, he could get a basket of 20-jin eggs for only 1,200 yuan by virtue of his relationship.

(The picture is taken from Facebook "Explosive Commune No. 2")

[Instant News/Comprehensive Report] The egg shortage in Taiwan continues, and many people are rushing to buy eggs. However, some netizens shared that because someone they know just happened to open a chicken farm, he could get a basket of 20 eggs because of his relationship. Jin eggs, and the price is only 1200 yuan.

He also said, "Everyone should bear with it and don't be a plate, don't be an imbecile all day long and queue up." The content of the post sparked discussions among netizens.

A netizen posted a picture of a whole basket of eggs on the PO of the Facebook group "Explosive Commune No. 2", and wrote, "If it's related, it's related. A basket of 1200, 20 catties, the lack of eggs is fake and the price increase is real, everyone should bear with it, don’t use it as a plate, don’t be an imbecile and queue up all day, it’s really imbecile enough”, in response to curious netizens asking how to buy it Yes, the original PO also responded in a message saying, "There is no way to divide this, it's pure luck, the chicken farm of a classmate in elementary school... the neighbor raises 70 chickens and picks them up casually, you see how much he makes for me when he offers me a fair price?"

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As soon as the relevant content came out, it sparked heated discussions among netizens. Netizens commented, "Where can I buy 1200? I was dumbfounded when I got 2100 the day before yesterday." ...", "As far as I actually live in Taichung, there are Carrefour supermarkets every day, it is indeed more expensive (10 pieces) (89 yuan), and there are more expensive ones on the shelves, but they can be bought", "I used to grab toilet paper The supply of toilet paper is still not stable. Now grab eggs, say there are no eggs, but there are always eggs coming out", "Zhongpan has really made money to buy a sports car these days".

However, some netizens pointed out that "my sister told me a few weeks ago that there seems to be a real shortage, because some people started to buy eggs that are more expensive in supermarkets, instead of buying from egg farmers they know, which means that the eggs in the hands of egg farmers are not as many as before. ", "Taipei is short of eggs. Some of you can buy them near the production area, so you are making sarcastic remarks there", "The quantity is really insufficient! The Council of Agriculture has come out to say that the production is not enough!", "It depends on the relationship If you can buy it, what is it called if it’s not a shortage?”, “Is there a shortage of eggs in Taiwan? The shortage is cheap eggs”, “It’s not that you have it, so it’s not a shortage”, “It’s a fact that there is a price tag... yes, but there is a shortage of eggs. It's also true..."