The Thai stock index on March 29, 2023 closed at 1,610.52 points, an increase of 3.61 points, with a trading value of 44,496.08 million baht, foreigners net selling 13.23 million baht.

The MPC unanimously resolved to increase the interest rate by 0.25% to 1.75%, returning to the same level as the pre-Covid period. Passing on private consumption to expand

amid the uncertainty of the global economy

As for the export sector, it is expected to recover more clearly during 2H23, estimated GDP66F 3.6% (previously 3.7%).

Monetary policy is still aimed at a stable economic recovery.

and is ready to adjust in line with the risk of inflation that may be higher than expected

(Estimate inflation this year in the range of 1-3%)

Research Department, Asia Plus Securities

Assessing the Mechanism of Interest Rate Rising to Narrow Upside of the Thai Stock Market

short-term pressure on the stock market

But in comparison, Thai policy interest rates are still lower than many countries.

This year's profits of listed companies are expected to grow by 12% in line with the recovery of the domestic economy.

Top stocks to recommend highly liquid stocks Earnings tend to recover following economic recovery, such as AOT, CRC, CBG, HMPRO, SNNP,


Yuanta Securities (Thailand) pointed out that the MPC reduced GDP in 2013-2014 slightly to 3.6% and 3.8% from the previous 3.7% and 3.9%, respectively, from reducing private investment, public consumption. and export sales, but private consumption and public investment

and number of tourists

The current account balance rose to +$4.0 billion from +$3.8 billion.

while the headline inflation trend this year

will be adjusted down to within the monetary policy range of 1-3% in the middle of the year, and the full-year inflation forecast will be adjusted down to 2.9% from 3.0%. However, the MPC will meet next on May 31. .66 based on inflation expectations

In addition, the Ministry of Commerce's inflation expectations have estimated that headline inflation will fall below 3.0% since April. It is expected that the MPC will have less need to raise interest rates after this.

So the cycle of upward interest rates is coming to an end.

Looking positive towards domestic play such as finance, power plants, real estate and retail etc!!

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