Recently, due to the egg shortage, the electric cooker that originally placed tea eggs in supermarkets unexpectedly appeared with more high-end "Kinder Eggs". It is delicious, fun, and novel. The three wishes are fulfilled at once. It can be said to be an alternative solution to the egg shortage. question.

(provided by readers)

[Reporter Li Huizhou/Kaohsiung Report] The egg shortage in Taiwan is spreading. People are rushing to buy eggs. The price of eggs is also unattainable. .

Recently, a supermarket in Qianzhen District, Kaohsiung also stopped selling the hot-selling product tea eggs due to the lack of eggs. Some people accidentally saw the electric cooker with tea eggs when they went to the supermarket for consumption. "Eggs" with a higher unit price. It turns out that the merchants put the "Kindler Eggs" that children love to eat in the electric cooker, making the public laugh and say that if there are no tea eggs, then put a substitute. You will get fat... Wait for the message, this interesting move of the merchant accidentally caused a topic.