Two persons involved in the case of "drunken parties", who invited girls to visit and committed sexual violence against them, were released on bail.

This is reported by "Ukrainian Pravda".

In a comment to the newspaper, the Kyiv Regional Prosecutor's Office reported that one of the suspects, Yaroslav Dombrovskyi, posted bail and was therefore released from custody.

He was given bail in the amount of 150 subsistence minimums for able-bodied persons (402,600 hryvnias).

On March 24, the court chose a preventive measure in the form of detention for the third defendant, Oleg Zakharov, and set bail in the amount of 402,600 hryvnias.

It is noted that Zakharov has paid bail and is already at liberty.

"The prosecutor's office asked for detention without alternative. The court set bail, because the article provides for such a possibility. The court also set bail for the second defendant. They are the same - 150 subsistence minimums," the prosecutor's office noted and added that they are preparing an appeal against such a court decision.

Thus, only party organizer Andriy Yaryna remains behind bars.

We will remind that in Kyiv, a group of young men invited girls to a party, who were then "pumped up" with alcohol and probably given sleeping pills with a narcotic effect.

They reduced the girls to a state of helplessness, forced them to perform obscene acts of a sexual nature, after which they mocked the victims on social networks.

On February 1, law enforcement officers searched the places of residence of the suspects in Kyiv and Ivano-Frankivsk region and confirmed the involvement of a group of people in the crime.

Later it became known that the bloggers who mocked helpless girls and filmed them in porn were arrested.

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