The 73-year-old Hollywood star Richard Gere testified at the U.S. Congressional China Committee hearing on China's violations of human rights in Tibet on the 28th, accusing Beijing's actions in Tibet that "increasingly meet the definition of crimes against humanity."


Name Beijing's Expanded Repression of Uyghurs, Tibetans' Blockade and Control, Restricting People's Right to Health

[Compiler Zhou Hongwen/Comprehensive Report] Amnesty International (Amnesty International) released the "2022/23 Annual Report: The State of Human Rights in the World" on the 28th, condemning the double standards on human rights issues around the world, and the international community Failing to act in solidarity based on consistent application of human rights and universal values, arguing that “the double standards of Western countries have emboldened countries like China and allowed Egypt and Saudi Arabia to evade, ignore and divert their human rights records "Criticism"; In addition, through the separate "China Human Rights Report", it pointed out that China continued to violate human rights at various levels last year, and called on China to stop suppressing ethnic minorities in the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region and the Tibet Autonomous Region.

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In 'Human Rights in China Report', Amnesty International details China's oppressive practices at home and abroad, naming people's right to health disregarded during Wuhan coronavirus lockdown; internet censorship becoming more common as tool of repression; authorities continue to jail human rights defenders ; systematic repression of ethnic minorities in Xinjiang and Tibet in the name of anti-separatism, anti-terrorism, and deradicalization continues, and people in these two regions are strictly restricted from entering and leaving; China remains the country with the largest number of executions in the world; speech, assembly , freedom of association and women's rights are not protected, and Hong Kong's pro-democracy movement continues to be suppressed.

Tibetan government-in-exile: Tibetans are dying slowly and painfully

Regarding the situation of Tibetans, Pemba Tsering, chairman of the Tibetan government-in-exile (Central Administration for Tibetans), said at the US Congressional and Executive Committee on China (CECC) through video on the 28th that human rights in Tibet are continuously deteriorating. If China Without a change in policy, "Tibet and Tibetans will surely die a slow and painful death".

Richard Gill: Beijing's act in Tibet qualifies as crime against humanity

Hollywood actor Richard Gere also attended the hearing in solidarity with Tibetans, accusing Beijing's actions in Tibet "increasingly meeting the definition of crimes against humanity."

Criticize the Hong Kong government's suppression of democrats, journalists sued and jailed

In Hong Kong, the report continues to be concerned that the Hong Kong government continues to suppress pro-democracy activists, journalists, human rights defenders, and more.

Amnesty International China Issues Advocacy Specialist Gwen Lee specifically explained that many journalists and publishers have been prosecuted and even imprisoned under the "Hong Kong National Security Law" and other oppressive laws.

At the same time, civic groups in Hong Kong and abroad have also been subject to criminal prosecution and harassment because of their lawful activities.

Condemn Western double standards for condoning Egypt's Saudi atrocities

Amnesty International pointed out that Russia invaded Ukraine last year, committed a large number of war crimes and caused a global energy and food crisis. The West's "connivance" attitude "contributes to impunity and instability" in the absence of meaningful action by allied countries for gross violations of human rights.

Amnesty International pointed out, "If Russia's war of aggression can bring any inspiration to the future world, it is that an effective, consistent and rule-based international order is very important." China is changing due to the double standards of Western countries. It is even bolder, because the UN Human Rights Council decided not to investigate China’s atrocities in Xinjiang while studying and investigating the human rights situation in Russia and Iran. As a result, even if China’s large-scale violations of the human rights of local Muslims constitute crimes against humanity, it can still The UN General Assembly, Security Council and Human Rights Council have escaped international condemnation.