In the US, 29-year-old Coral Sanchez embraced her beard after shaving her face every day for 16 years.

Photo: Coral Sanchez

This is reported by the Daily Star.

Coral first noticed hair growing on her chin when she was only 9 years old.

Until the age of 12, the girl shaved every morning to avoid the attention of hooligans.

The woman hid her facial hair for years, even keeping it a secret from her ex, who she dated for four years, before finally ditching the razor.

Sanchez's stubble is caused by a condition known as hirsutism.

It grew every morning, so the woman would cover her face with foundation and not let anyone near her face so that no one would notice her hair.

But after Coral's struggle with homelessness at the age of 26, she was unable to shave every day.

This made the woman ask herself why she was doing this in the first place.

Photo: Coral Sanchez

The woman's current partner, 25-year-old writer and artist Ilyas Clark, with whom they have been together for four years, supported Coral and assured her that she is beautiful and that her body "does it naturally".

In March 2022, Coral finally threw away the razor and has been growing a beard for a year.

The woman says she feels "really beautiful."

"I think I started shaving because it was what I had to do. It made me want to hide. I would notice other kids commenting on my thick sideburns. They were very repulsive and disgusted with me. As a nine-year-old it was unpleasant for me to feel such shame as a child," shared Koral.

She added that she shaved every morning, as soon as she woke up, and by 2:00 p.m., stubble appeared again on her face.

"I was wearing full-coverage foundation and growing my hair around my face. It took me a long time to really accept my hair growth. Now I look in the mirror, smile and feel truly beautiful," the woman assured.

She said that she first waxed her face at a young age, then switched to shaving at the age of 12, and continued to do so every day until she was 26.

Coral has polycystic ovary syndrome, a condition that affects the ovaries and causes hirsutism, the excessive growth of dark or coarse hair similar to male hair.

Photo: Coral Sanchez

"The older I got, the more difficult it was to apply full coverage again to hide the hair growth. People looked but didn't say anything," the woman shared.

She even hid her condition from her previous partner, with whom she was in a long-term relationship.

"He never once saw me without makeup. I woke up every day in front of him to shave. I felt hidden," recalls Coral.

The woman lived in her car during the period when she was 26 years old and did not have access to a shower or bathroom to shave every day.

"I did everything I could, I shaved in the car. I started shaving roughly. It hurt," says Coral.

She met her current partner in July 2019 through a dating app and instantly felt "comfortable" around this man.

Unlike her previous relationship, the woman casually told him about her facial growth.

"It took me a few months, but it was really hard to hide anything. It felt natural to tell him. He said, 'It doesn't bother me.' You're beautiful and your body does that naturally," Coral said.

Photo: Coral Sanchez

"He kept saying, 'Why don't you let it grow?' I was worried and thought, 'You don't love me anymore.' But he really encouraged me to stop shaving. It kind of hit me. I don't want to hide anymore. Why do I let other people to control their lives?"

- said the woman.

Coral stopped shaving for good in March 2022 and was surprised at how well her beard looked.

"It was a shock to see my face and how I still felt feminine. I was really surprised how much I liked it. It seemed like it (the beard - ed.) matched my face. My partner likes to run his fingers over it. He likes my beard," Coral admitted.

Now the woman has grown a four-inch beard and wants to help others accept themselves.

She still faces looks of "disgust" from passers-by, but knows that "it's just their opinion."

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