At the Dnipropetrovsk State University of Internal Affairs (DSUVS) there was a scandal due to lewd behavior within the walls of the educational institution.

A video of

a couple having sex on the windowsill of an educational building

got into the Internet .

It was filmed by students from the windows across the street and circulated on local Telegram channels.

While the comments on social networks are mocking the video, the university announced the start of an official inspection.

However, they say that according to preliminary information,

there are no teachers or students among the people in the scandalous video

The administration does not comment on how outsiders could get to the University of Internal Affairs.

"We have an official investigation going on at the university. All the circumstances are being clarified. And based on the results of the official investigation, we will be able to make an official statement. I will not pass on any guesses, because we can only operate on facts. The facts will be after the official investigation," TSN reported 

. .ua

in the Department of Public Relations of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications.

According to former university student Anastasia,

the office where the incident took place is always locked



is issued under the signature of a methodologist


"Two people broke into the regime facility and no one stopped them? Good police these days.

This is the sixth floor, where the offices are always locked.

The key for signature is provided by the methodologist.

Did "outsiders" get the key to the door of the classroom from the Methodists?

Has this office of Ms. S*****nko become a porn club?

Even if they made up the truth," the woman said under the university's statement on Facebook.

Screenshot from Facebook

According to

, the students of the educational institution are discussing among themselves that

the guy in the video is an applicant


came to the university's open day

Photo from the Telegram channel "HD Dnipro"

As a reminder, the prosecutor's office will appeal the verdict in the case of the rape of a 14-year-old girl in Transcarpathia.

It is about a crime when three teenagers lured a girl to a house and raped her, but escaped punishment.

The victim says that for a long time she was afraid to tell about what was done to her, because the perpetrators intimidated her.

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