"Abbe had an accident." Another report of a car rollover accident occurred at the incident site.

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[Reporter Lin Minzhen/Taichung Report] In Lunzi Lane, Xuetian Road, Wuri District, Taichung City in 2019, a group of successful laborers overturned and fell into the field while taking a taxi, exclaiming "Abbe has an accident", which became an Internet meme.

There was another car rollover accident yesterday afternoon. When a crane weighing 30 tons passed the road, it was suspected that the road was too narrow, and the whole car fell into the banana field beside the road with a "bump". He was injured, and there was no report to the police or 119 for assistance.

The local people said that they heard a loud noise at the moment, and everyone ran out to check it out. The Lunzi Alley is very narrow, less than 3 meters wide, "this car can't drive in at all."

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Sun Heyun, head of Wurili, said that Lunzi Lane itself is a small road, and urged the public to pay extra attention to safety if driving a large vehicle.

A crane was passing by Lunzi Lane, Wurixuetian Road, Taichung City, and it overturned and fell into a banana orchard.

(provided by the public)