Cyber ​​security experts and the police will find out within 1-2 days whether a child is behind the bomb threats in schools in our country since Monday.

Cyber ​​specialist Spas Ivanov assured this on the air of "Hello, Bulgaria".

According to him, if it is found that a child has released the signals, his parents will be sanctioned and sentenced to a serious amount of money.

And he added that there are two hypotheses being worked on regarding the case.

"One is to induce panic and mass absenteeism by a small group of students or a specific student.

The other target is a disinformation campaign by a foreign country or a hacker group aiming to socially destabilize a region.

Usually behind such cases there is always a child who is not prepared for the exam", explained the expert.

On Monday, school principals reacted differently to the report.

Some students were evacuated for 2 hours, others for 24, and there were schools that continued to operate without interruption.

On our air, the director of 51 "Elisaveta Bagryana" secondary school, Asen Alexandrov, told us what exactly happened yesterday.

"The content of the email seemed strange to me.

We received a call from the local authorities and the police.

The deputy director's colleague called 112. From there they said to call the police.

The law enforcement authorities came and we gave evidence of what actions we had taken", explained Alexandrov.

He added that the children reacted calmly and there was no panic.

"We need to get precise instructions on what to do if it ever happens again.

There should be clear steps for all schools", specified the school director.