After the almost record-breaking March heat in Ukraine, the weather worsened sharply.

Residents of the western regions have already felt rain, sleet, frost and ice, and throughout the country the temperature has dropped and gale-force winds have been tested.

It is because of its gusts that mass power outages and tree falls, people were also injured, TSN reports. 


Two people were hospitalized in Odesa due to bad weather.

A woman and a man were felled by trees blown down by the wind.

Its gusts in Odeshchyna reached twenty meters per second.

Twenty-eight settlements of the region were left without power due to damaged power grids, and part of Odesa was also cut off due to an accident on a high-voltage line. 

The wind brought down trees in the city and broke many large branches.

In the morning, a fallen tree blocked traffic on three tram routes.

There is also a storm at sea.

An uncontrolled detonation of a mine occurred on the coast, fortunately, no one was injured and there was no damage.

But the loud sound of a powerful explosion scared the people of Odessa.

The military warns that

the danger of mines remains

, so they urge to stay away from the coast.

Khmelnytskyi region

In the Khmelnytskyi region, due to gale-force winds and snow, more than three hundred settlements were cut off.

Ice caused several accidents on the roads.

The largest road accident occurred near Volochysk, where a passenger bus heading from Warsaw to Odesa overturned.

There were 25 passengers in the cabin, so far it is known that at least two were seriously injured. 


A hurricane swept through Transcarpathia at night, the light went out in dozens of villages.

In Uzhgorod, fallen trees blocked roads.

One fell on a parked car, and there were no casualties because there were no people inside.

The storm tore off the roof of the shop, and along the embankment overturned heavy iron benches and tore down the fence.

The rescuers struggled with the consequences of the bad weather until the morning.

Photo: Telegram channel "Uzhhorod Online"


In the Rivne region, highways and local roads are being actively cleared of snowdrifts at night.

Some machines had to be quickly converted for winter needs, because they had already been prepared for work in the warm season. 

Wires were broken by the wind and trees - due to bad weather

, more than 60 settlements

were without electricity in the region .

After lunch, half of the consumers managed to restore electricity. 

Lviv region

The weather worsened sharply in Lviv Oblast as well.

The wind felled trees and snapped electric wires.

Eighty settlements lost power completely, the same number - partially.

The roads are icy.

Where traffic lights are not working, traffic is regulated by patrolmen.


The weather worsened sharply in the capital, where during the day it mostly rained, then in the evening it started to snow and the temperature dropped to zero.

At night, it is predicted that the frost will return. 

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