New Taipei Mayor Hou Youyi faced rumors that the Kuomintang will recruit him to run for the 2024 presidential election in April, and publicly stated that "it is my unchanging mission in my life to go all out for the country and the people."

(Photo by reporter Weng Yuhuang)

[Reporter Weng Yuhuang/New Taipei Report] The Kuomintang reported that the party chairman Zhu Lilun will recruit New Taipei City Mayor Hou Youyi to run for the 2024 presidential election in April. Changing career aspirations", anyone can communicate with him at any time, whether it is by phone or in person, especially since he and Zhu Lilun are old friends, and there is no obstacle to communicating with each other.

Regarding the visit to the United States by the founder of Hon Hai Group, Guo Taiming, the media asked Hou Youyi if he felt that he was being preempted. Does Hou Youyi have any plans to visit the United States?

Hou Youyi said that besides the United States, Terry Gou's career map is also in many countries, and it is only natural that he often travels to these countries. "Especially in the ROC at this stage, everyone is our diplomat." It is a good thing to be able to go out and interact with other countries. I believe Everyone can meet more with the world, so that everyone can learn more about Taiwan and the Republic of China, which is beneficial to Taiwan.

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The media pointed out that Zhu Lilun will visit the United States in June, is he paving the way for Hou Youyi to visit the United States?

Did Zhu Lilun contact Hou Youyi for this?

Hou Youyi said that Zhu Lilun has been going abroad for many years to communicate with foreign people and become friends. He has not only been to the United States once, he hopes to promote mutual cooperation in the process of exchanges with countries, and wishes Zhu Lilun all the best in the United States.

Some media asked Hou Youyi. It was reported that the KMT wanted to change the 1992 consensus. It only talked about the 1992 consensus and did not talk about the "one China, each form". The 1992 consensus was the Republic of China. What did Hou Youyi think?

Hou Youyi responded, "The Republic of China is my country, and Taiwan is also my home." The most important thing is to make the Taiwan Strait stable and the region peaceful.