The magic weapon held by the idol Wang Tianjun was broken.

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[Reporter Wang Jie/Tainan Report] There was an accident of damage to the statue of the Wu Temple, a national historic site. Eight god statues, including Shengniangniang, Fude Zhengshen, and Wang Tianjun, all "pulled down the altar" and lifted the gods to the ground one by one. During the lifting process, the golden whip held by the statue of Wang Tianjun was damaged and broken. The police said: Destruction crime investigation.

It is understood that Chen, a woman in her 30s, works as an operator. She rode a motorcycle from Alian District to Wumiao that day. After she entered the Wumiao, she saw pilgrims worshiping, saying that these gods came from China, and asked why the believers worshiped?

These idols were then "pulled down from the altar".

Upon seeing this, the temple immediately notified the police. The police took him back for investigation on the spot on suspicion of damage. Afterwards, representatives of Wumiao went to the police station to file a damage report. In addition, the damage to the relevant statues will also be entrusted to special personnel to appraise and make a request. Compensation is currently unavailable.

After Ms. Chen brought her back to the sub-bureau, she did not experience any abnormalities in her mental state, but faced many inquiries, she responded with "don't know" or "unclear".

The police appeal to the public to respect religious beliefs, respect the gods, and maintain social order. Because of different beliefs, the temple has suffered very serious losses. The relevant damage needs to be further evaluated. At present, the temple will file a request for compensation and investigate the woman involved. responsibility.

The damaged statue part.

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The woman surnamed Chen quarreled with other believers, but vented her anger on the idol.

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