About 2 weeks ago, the "Nida Poll" of the National Institute of Development Administration

Or known for short as "Nida" has published the results of the survey.

"The 2023 election battle No. 1" in the question of who the people (as an example in the survey) will support as Prime Minister.

It appears that out of 2,000 samples of people aged 18 years and over who surveyed answered that they would support

Ms. Pae Thongtarn Shinawatra


"Aung Ing"

from the Pheu Thai Party, up to 38.20 percent, the highest number 1.

while in second place, followed by

Mr. Pita Limcharoenrat,

Kao Klai Party, 15.75 percent, third place

"Big Tu" General Prayut Chan-ocha,

Ruam Thai Sang Chart Party, 15.65 percent, losing second place only red pill lines, cut eight only

As for number 4, 9.45 percent answered that they still could not find the right person.

After that there was a name

Khunying Sudarat

Keyuraphan, Pol. Gen. Sereepisut Temeeyaves, Mr. Jurin Laksanawisit, Dr. Chonnan Srikaew, Mr. Anutin Charnvirakul, Mr. Korn Chatikavanich, etc., sorted accordingly

. Ranking from 5.10 percent of Khunying Sudarat to 1.40 percent of Mr. Korn.

First of all, I have to say that Nida's poll was done according to the actual theory.

not following anyone's influence anywhere

whether by coercion, coercion or using money to buy

Right or wrong, however, depends on the selection of a sample of 2,000 people to be representative of Thai society.

All groups, all professions

And the level of education is correct or not?

In the past, most of the choices were correct.

Makes Nida's poll results closer to reality than other polls in my opinion.

So I made an assumption that

If there was an election on March 2-8, as asked by Nida Poll, it's the person that the people want to become prime minister.

should come out after that

when assuming that it is so

I try to sit and imagine what will happen to our Thai society?

Because my imagination is not very academic.

Lives as being old because he eats rice

old man because he lived a long time

I have been sitting here writing for a very long time.

-- I've seen and been through a lot of events.

Therefore, I would like to give some opinions to him -- considered as a


to lead to further analysis.

I expected that if

"Aung Ing"

really became Prime Minister,

"Thai society"

would continue to be in endless chaos.

Because Khun

"Ung Ing"

is the


heir of Khun

Thaksin Shinawatra

, we have to admit that the past works are both positive and negative.

There are

people who love as much as the film

People hate it as much as a mat.

In fact, all the mats (haters) would have to find a reason to rise up and protest from light to heavy again until finally

In fact, I still have several reasons.

especially about the young age and the lack of experience

never did a big job

But with limited space and having to write other people as well, so I would like to raise just one issue as an example first.

Which is just one point that he is a child of Mr. Thaksin.

I think I'm tired already Thailand.

look forward in order

Assuming that the lottery went to Mr. Phitha who got the second lowest score, I expected the same chaos.

Because Mr. Phitha and his party are representatives of a group of people whose political opinions and culture differ from those of Thai people.

most extreme

which there is no compromise

As soon as Mr. Phitha became Prime Minister, I expected that there would be problems with demonstrations at various points.

In the same way as

the "3-finger mob",

but from another group of people that the 3-finger mob used to call



The administration and national development that should continue to move forward will be full of problems and obstacles.

It's a pity ... the space is already exhausted. It comes to

the "3rd person"

who gets a little less than

"2nd place"

but loses to

"1st place"

quite a lot, namely

"Big Tu"


General Prayut Chan-o-


must be analyzed at length as well

And there are still many others who have to analyze many people...let's just say...follow and continue reading at the end tomorrow.