Russian oligarch, founder of the "Wagner" PMK

Yevgeny Prigozhin

 wants to get a personal political future.

In particular, it may be about a high government position. 

Political analyst, editor-in-chief of the After Empire portal Olga Kurnosova said this on the air of the FREEDOM TV channel.

She emphasizes that Putin's so-called cook has already made up his mind, and therefore wants to get a personal political future.

"I will not be surprised if he attempts something more than just becoming the governor of St. Petersburg - the presence of his people in the State Duma, and maybe even a presidential career. It seems to me that everything is possible. About the fact that Prigozhin does not mind becoming the second Zhirinovsky also says that he plans to create his own party with a new ideology. It seems to me that what he is doing now is demonstrating to the old square of the president's administration that it is better not to ban anything, because it will be more expensive," explained Olga Kurnosova.

Estonian intelligence says that Prigozhin's couple with the leader of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov is a direct threat to the power of the dictator Putin, and therefore they may show themselves in the near future.

However, Kurnosova believes that Kadyrov does not have such ambitions.

 "But we know a person who is not in Chechnya, but in Moscow. And this is the head of the Rosgvardiya Zolotov. Therefore, if these people unite among themselves, they will, of course, pose a certain threat, but not to Putin personally. However, this is a serious application for what they want to do in the future," the political analyst emphasizes.

We will remind you that if Prigozhin previously criticized the Ministry of Defense, now he attacked the Kremlin and even Putin.


stated that Russia is not actually at war with NATO, as Putin himself says,

 and expressed doubts about the plan to de-Nazify Ukraine, because there are no "Nazis" here, he has not seen them.

Former deputy head of the SBU, Viktor Yagun, says that as long as there is conditional stability in Russia, nothing will happen.

According to him, 

Prigozhin and Kadyrov are "very big cowards." 

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