March 29, 2023 - Wednesday.

399th day of the war in Ukraine.

What a church holiday tomorrow, March 29

March 29 in the church calendar is

the day of memory of the martyr Savin of Ermopolsky


He held a leadership position in the Egyptian city of Hermopol in the 3rd century and was a Christian.

The imperial authorities captured Savin during the persecution of Christians, forced him to renounce his faith, and subjected him to torture.

The saint endured all the torments, but remained faithful to Christ.

Then the pagans seized him and drowned him in the river.

What can not be done on this day

  • Do not eat bread after sunset, because you can call on the poor.

  • You should not resolve your issue with quarrels.

  • Lending is not recommended.

Folk signs and traditions for March 29

Among our ancestors there were many interesting omens for this day: 

  • looked at what day it is today: the clouds are moving quickly in the sky, so the weather will be good;

  • birds bathe in a puddle - it will be warm;

  • the water level in the river is low - you should wait for a bad harvest.

On March 29, birds bathe in a puddle, it will be warm / Photo: Pexels

In the people, March 29 was called Savin Day.

The peasants went around the entire village on a cart, because they believed that it would bring them good luck.

And they also listened to the screeching of the wheels.

After all, they could predict their future by him.

For example, if the right front squeaked, the family will be rich, and if the left front squeaked, then expect an illness.

The rear right wheel squeaks, so you can expect success, and if the rear left wheel - you will get into debt.

Weather for March 29

Tomorrow, March 29, it will be cloudy in Kyiv, without precipitation.

It is cloudy with clearings in Lviv, no precipitation is expected.

It is cloudy in Kharkiv, the night rain will change to rain and snow in the morning, which will last until the middle of the day.

It is cloudy in Odesa, but in the afternoon it may become clear for a short time, without precipitation.

The air temperature in Kyiv is +1 during the day and -1 at night.

In Lviv +3 during the day and -3 at night.

In Kharkiv +7 during the day and +1 at night.

In Odessa +5 during the day and +2 at night.

Commemorative dates of March 29

Calendar of important events in Ukraine and the world for March 29:

  • 845 - Vikings conquer Paris;

  • 1795 - the German composer Ludwig van Beethoven gives a concert in Vienna for the first time;

  • 1798 - the French announce the formation of the puppet Helvetian Republic on the territory of Switzerland;

  • 1848 - due to severe frosts that tied the Niagara River, Niagara Falls "stops" for more than 30 hours;

  • 1864 — the first performance of the first professional Ukrainian theater in Galicia takes place in the People's House in Lviv;

  • 1867 - the Constitutional Act of the Parliament of the United Kingdom establishes the Dominion of Canada and becomes the main part of the Constitution of this country;

  • 1871 — the London Albert Hall opens;

  • 1886 - John Pemberton of Atlanta creates a new medicinal drink, now known as Coca-Cola;

  • 1910 — the first seaplane piloted by Albert Fabre takes off in Marseille;

  • 1951 - Ethel and Julius Rosenberg, accused of espionage for the USSR, are sentenced to death in the USA;

  • 1967 — the arrest of members of the Ukrainian National Front (UNF) Dmytro Kvetsk, Zenovy Krasivskyi, Mykhailo Dyak, and Yaroslav Lesiv;

  • 1973 - the withdrawal of American troops from South Vietnam was completed and the government of the Republic of Vietnam handed over to the American authorities all persons captured from among the military and civilian personnel of the United States;

  • 1974 - Chinese farmers near Xi'an discover the burial of an emperor of the 3rd century.

    to n.

    e. Qin Shi Huang-di — the famous Terracotta Army;

  • 1976 - The American Film Academy recognizes "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" as the best US film for 1975;

  • 1982 - Parliament of the United Kingdom ceases its powers to make laws that apply to Canada;

  • 1991 — the first evening of the poetry group "Boo-Ba-Boo" (Yuriy Andruhovych, Oleksandr Irvanets, Viktor Neborak) takes place in Kyiv;

  • 1998 — the 16-kilometer Vashka da Gama bridge across the Tagus River is opened in Portugal;

  • 1998 — parliamentary elections in Ukraine;

  • 2004 — the Civic Campaign "It's Time!" is created in Ukraine;

  • 2004 — Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia join NATO;

  • 2014 — the first same-sex marriage was registered in England and Wales.

Name day: what to name a child born on March 29

What are the name days tomorrow:

Ivan, Oleksandr, Trokhym, Denis, Roman, Yulian, Omelyan, Savyn, Pavlo.

The talisman of a person born on March 29 is

a diamond


This is the most valuable and expensive stone.

Translated from Greek, his name means "invincible".

It has long been believed that diamonds can protect against negative influences, give talent in love and improve health.

In the ancient world, especially in India, there was an opinion that this stone can also have a positive effect on the work of all internal organs.

Born on this day:

  • 1728 — Ukrainian military, political and statesman, count, the last hetman of the Zaporizhzhya Army Kyrylo Razumovsky;

  • 1841 — Ukrainian poetess, writer, social and cultural activist Maria Volvach;

  • 1861 — Ukrainian scientist, technologist, public and economic figure, the first chairman of the Ukrainian Technical Society Roman Zalozetskyi;

  • 1881 — Ukrainian poet Mariyka Pidhiryanka;

  • 1964 — Ukrainian basketball player, Olympic champion Oleksandr Volkov.

What a day tomorrow is in Ukraine and the world

On March 29, Ukraine and the world celebrate World Piano Day / Photo: Pexels

On March 29, Ukraine and the world celebrate

World Piano Day


The initiator of the holiday was the well-known modern German composer Niels Frahm, who gained popularity thanks to his creative approach to music.

The event unites all fans of this musical instrument.

And the main task of the holiday is to draw attention to the beauty of the sound of the piano, to encourage musicians of all ages to play in public places.

The celebration took place for the first time in 2015.

And when Fram was asked why such a day was needed, he simply answered: "The celebration of Piano Day will not interfere with anyone: neither performers, nor composers, nor masters, nor listeners."

The composer approached the date of the celebration quite symbolically and creatively.

He chose for the holiday the 88th day of the year, which is March 29.

Why the 88th day?

Because the piano has eighty-eight keys.

Also, March 29

is the Day of the Magician (Day of Smoke and Mirrors)


This is a professional holiday.

Magicians are called circus masters, artists who demonstrate various tricks to the public.

The main secret of tricks lies in the illusion of vision and sleight of hand.

Often, illusionists or magicians distract the attention of the viewer with the help of assistants or use the art of illusion.

It is interesting that professional magicians appeared in the Middle Ages.

In the 18th century, the Turok slot machine was very popular.

People thought that the machine could play chess, but it actually had a chess player sitting inside it.

Previously, card magicians were called shulers.

And March 29

is Coca-Cola's birthday


It was on this day in 1886 that American pharmacist John Pemberton created a new drink based on coca leaves.

Interestingly, today's popular carbonated drink was originally a headache medicine.

The first version of the Coca-Cola drink contained wine and cocaine.

And John Pemberton patented his invention as a nerve agent.

Later, these ingredients were removed and the drink was made carbonated.

The recipe of the famous drink is still kept secret.

Only two people know him.

Interesting fact

: it was thanks to Coca-Cola that the image of Santa Claus that we know today was born.