The Secretariat of the United Nations (UN) has released the Concept of Return of the West Azerbaijan Community as an official document of the UN Security Council, General Assembly and Economic and Social Council.

Community Spokesperson Ulviyya Zulfiqar told APA about this.

The spokesperson noted that the Concept of Return, which covers the issues of ensuring the peaceful, safe and dignified return of Azerbaijanis expelled from the territory of Armenia, restoration and protection of their individual and collective rights, including property rights, cultural and historical heritage after their return In all the official languages ​​of the UN (English, French, Russian, Chinese, Arabic and Spanish), the agenda of the mentioned main bodies is prevention of armed conflicts, peace building, protection of the rights of refugees, elimination of racial discrimination, promotion of human rights, genocide , issued under clauses on the prevention of ethnic cleansing and crimes against humanity.

Ulviyya Zulfigar noted that the dissemination of the Concept of Return as a document of the main bodies of the UN is a great success in the way of peaceful return of West Azerbaijanis to their native land.

The dissemination of the peaceful and fully international law concept as an official document at the UN further reduces the opportunities for the Armenian government to distort the issue of West Azerbaijan, calls on this country to start negotiations with a kind of Community and encourages the start of an international process on this issue.

Connecting the concept with the mentioned items of the agenda of the most authoritative bodies of the UN is an international confirmation that the return of Azerbaijanis to their homes is necessary for the protection of basic human rights and the establishment of international peace, security and cooperation.

"This success further inspires us to continue our activities in the direction of returning to our homes in a peaceful, safe and dignified way," said the spokesperson of the West Azerbaijan Community.

It should be noted that this is the second document of the Community to be published as a UN document.

Before that, in January, the Community's appeal to the international community was published.

The Concept of Return, adopted by the West Azerbaijan Community on January 26, 2023, defines the general framework for the objectives, principles, preparation and implementation measures of the activity to be carried out by the Community for the return of Azerbaijanis forcibly removed from the territory of present-day Armenia.

The concept is based on international law, relevant domestic law, historical facts, and serves to establish justice and peace.