The three-wheeled assembly car lost control and hit a utility pole and overturned. Although the white wife escaped by jumping out of the car, she burst into tears when she learned that her husband was in danger. (Photo by reporter Wu Shengru)

[Reporter Wu Shengru/New Taipei Report] This morning, a 67-year-old man surnamed Bai was carrying his wife and riding an assembled 3-wheeler without a license plate. When he was passing the downhill section in front of No. 25, Lianfu New City, Ruifang District, New Taipei City, he suspected that the brakes had failed and hit the car directly. Overturned after getting on a power pole.

The white wife jumped out of the car and escaped unharmed, while the white man was crushed under the car body and suffered head injuries. The ambulance personnel rushed to the hospital for rescue and died an hour later.

The police have gone to the scene to collect evidence to further clarify the cause of the accident.

According to the police investigation, the white man was driving an assembled three-wheeled vegetable cart and carried his wife to sell vegetables in a more remote area of ​​Ruifang. When he went to the next place to sell vegetables at 10:29 this morning, the brakes failed on the downhill road, and the white wife jumped out of the car to escape. , the white man followed the car and hit the utility pole, and when the car body overturned, he was crushed underneath.

Enthusiastic people rushed to call 119 to help rescue the white man, but when the ambulance personnel arrived, they found that the white man had suffered severe head injuries and was no longer breathing or heartbeat, so he was rushed to the hospital for emergency treatment.

When the police arrived at the scene, they found fruits and vegetables scattered all over the place, the ground was covered with blood, and the assembled tricycle was also seriously deformed. The preliminary investigation suspected that the brakes failed to cause the accident. The white wife cried bitterly, and her mood was very unstable.

After the white man was sent to the hospital for emergency treatment, his condition did not improve. His breathing and heartbeat did not resume until 11:24, and the medical staff declared him dead.

The police have checked the surrounding surveillance cameras to find out the cause of the accident.

Luo Yitian, head of the Sixth Brigade of the New Taipei City Fire Department, said that when people witness a car accident, they should immediately call 119 to report the accident and provide the correct location and information. Do not move the injured casually, as it is easy to cause secondary injuries. It is the safest and most appropriate way for firefighters to give proper rescue, immobilization, first aid and transport to the hospital.

Vegetables and fruits in the car were scattered all over the place, and the body of the tricycle was seriously deformed. The firefighters rushed to comfort the white wife on the side.

(Photographed by reporter Wu Shengru)

The assembled tricycle overturned, and the fruits and vegetables on the vehicle were scattered all over the place.

(Photographed by reporter Wu Shengru)