The Banana Republic or

Banana Republic

means a country with political instability.

There is an economic system based on the export of only one type of non-renewable product or resource, such as bananas or a particular type of mineral.

Society in the Banana Republic is often extremely segregated.

Between the rich ruling class and the poor working class

The rich tend to be businessmen, military personnel, and politicians are ruling class people.

They will gather their heads together.

hand in hand to control the economic fundamentals of a particular country

The government often grants concessions to businessmen who are affiliated with it to monopolize the economy.

so as not to allow the poor and the poor to step up as competitors

The next US presidential election will be held in November 2024. People who are thinking of running will start planning their campaign. Donald Trump becomes president of the United States between


After Trump lost the election, it was Biden's era for 4 years. You will come back and apply again in next year's election.

The U.S. presidential election next year will be played between the two elders, both former presidents.

is Biden and Trump

Trump has been accused of violating campaign fundraising laws.

Supporting rioters storming the parliament building, etc.

March 25, 2023: Trump takes the stage for the first time.

You caught Mike attacking Biden using the law as a weapon against opponents.

Trump announced that if he became president again, he would quickly end the war in Ukraine.

Trump's speech spurred war-supporting hawks.

The munitions factories that make a living with the war must work together to stem the rise of Trump.

Trump said that if he could come back

You will end the war within 24 hours.

Those who have a status of a state overlapping the state that

These bastards are hungry for war.

I don't want the Russo-Ukrainian war to end.

Trump has pledged to use individual state and federal resources.

including military resources to make it the largest deportation in American history.

You have a policy to expel millions of illegal immigrants from the United States.

american politics

Whoever wants to represent the party will have to compete against each other first. The prominent Republicans in the Republican Party include Florida Governor Ron Desantis and Trump, with Trump currently ahead of Desantis. Santis

Trump's speech now has to curse to deter two people.

The second person had to insult Biden first.

Trump believes Biden will represent the Democrats for another term.

Trump Says Biden Turns US into a Banana Republic

an underdeveloped nation

economic and political instability

You promised to expel the disgusting political class if you were elected again.

Even if Trump rants

look at the rude person

But in your time there was no real war fought.

that caused people to die from

There is only a severe trade war with China.

because Trump sees that if not held back

China will become the world's No. 1 economic power.

Both Trump and Biden have a close relationship with the leaders of the region.

In fact, Trump is close to Russia.

Biden is close to Ukraine.

Biden's son has been involved in the energy business in Ukraine for a long time.

It also influenced Ukrainian international political policy.

Since Biden became president of the United States

The US economy is deteriorating due to the COVID-19 crisis.

and the Russo-Ukrainian War

People reminisce about the old days

with a good economy during the Trump era

Many people analyzed the same thing.

Trump has a high chance of becoming president again.

Nitikarun Mingruchiralai