Zhang Nan held his youngest son and took his wife with him to seek revenge for his friends. The second instance of the Taichung Branch of the High Court upheld the sentence of 6 months in prison.

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[Reporter Zhang Ruizhen/Taichung Report] A man surnamed Yang (wanted) has a grudge with the man A Qiang. In 2021, he asked two friends surnamed Liu and Zhang to seek revenge from A Qiang in a community. Yang Nan also brought two knives Arriving at the scene, what was unbelievable was that Zhang Nan held his youngest son and brought his wife to help out. Seeing Aqiang appeared, he handed over the youngest son to his wife to take care of him. He, Yang and Liu beat Aqiang in the community hall. He admitted that he had done something, but the place was not a public place, but the judge believed that it was a public place where residents and other members of the public could come and go. He was sentenced to 6 months in prison for the crime of disturbing order, and could be fined by Yike.

The verdict pointed out that on the evening of March 23, 2021, Yang Nan (who was wanted as a fugitive) invited Liu Nan (sentenced to June, probation for 2 years, on the condition that he paid 60,000 yuan to the public treasury) and Zhang Nan to a community. Looking for Aqiang (pseudonym) to seek revenge, three people blocked Aqiang in the community hall. At that time, Zhang Nan was holding the child in his arms. He put his son on the ground beside the community hall, asked his wife who was there to take care of the child, and then joined the battle.

Three people beat and pushed Aqiang with bare hands or helmets, causing subarachnoid hemorrhage and lacerations on Aqiang's head, as well as other injuries such as abrasions on his body (the part of the injury was not disclosed). The police arrested 3 people when they arrived .

During the trial at the Taichung District Court, Zhang Nan claimed that he did not know what to do in the community at that time. He originally wanted to take his wife and children to eat. In addition, the community hall is only for residents to enter and exit, not a public place. Liu Nan did not do anything, which does not constitute a crime of "disrupting order".

However, the judge held that the constituent elements of "public gathering" are "gathering more than three people in a public place or a place where the public can come and go." The community hall is also a public place where residents and other people can come and go. The crime of disturbing order was sentenced to 6 months. Yi Ke was fined, and Zhang Nan appealed to the second instance. His defense was the same as that of the first instance.