The scandalous singer 


fled from Ukraine abroad and continues to pretend that there is no war in her native country. 

The silent artist decided to ignore the criminal actions of the Russian Federation on Ukrainian territory and shows how she enjoys life.

Yes, Maruv flaunts his holiday in Turkey on Instagram. 

Maruv / Photo:

In her profile,

Anna Korsun

 (real name of the singer) publishes videos from her trip and shows how fun she spends time on excursions and in expensive hotels.

Maruv / Photo:

Maruv / Photo:

This behavior of the silent artist greatly outraged the Internet users.

In the comments under Maruv's "happy" videos, Ukrainians reminded her that Russia continues to kill her compatriots. 

  • And not a single post about the war in your homeland and the homeland of your child!

  • Are the shoes tight?

    Change your clothes so quickly? 

  • It would be better to help the military!

  • She ran away from Ukraine, and, apparently, captured her husband!

  • Everything is fine in Maruv and it's crazy that there is a war in the native country!

It is worth noting that the artist seems to be ashamed of such statements to her address, because most of the comments under Maruv's publications simply disappear. 

In addition to vacationing abroad, the singer is planning several new releases.

Maruv promised its fans to present several new tracks in English in the near future.

By the way, Korsun also translated its page on the Network into English. 

We will remind you that Maruv built her life and career in Russia before the start of the full-scale war in Ukraine.

In February 2022, the singer added an ambiguous post in which she asked Russian soldiers to think about their actions, but after that Anna  

began to ignore the war


The singer began to give interviews to Russian propaganda journalists, where she talked about her pregnancy.

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