Tomb-sweeping in Kaohsiung during the Qingming Festival, concerts are full, and the MRT works overtime.

(Photo by reporter Li Huizhou)

[Reporters Huang Liangjie, Chen Wenchan/Kaohsiung Report] The Qingming holiday will start on April 1 for five days. In addition to grave sweeping, there will be many large-scale concerts in the urban area. Send people to publicize fire prevention in the cemetery. More popular scenic spots such as Cijin area will implement four-stage control according to the traffic situation, and the MRT will increase overtime.

Cijin Scenic Area 4-Stage Control of Vehicle Tide

According to the Transportation Bureau, all tourist attractions in the city during the Qingming holiday, including Qijin, Xiziwan, Hamaxing, Pier 2, Shoushan, Foguangshan, Meinong, Qishan, Love River, Gangshan Eye, etc., will be implemented according to traffic conditions. Traffic control measures; during the tomb sweeping period, traffic diversion will be implemented in each cemetery area, and shuttle buses will be provided flexibly in the crowded Yanchao Shenshuishan cemetery, Cijin Life Memorial Hall, and Neimenna Bone Pagoda.

Qijin Scenic Area will implement four-stage control according to the traffic situation. The Qigu Ferry route will be controlled from 11:00 am to 7:00 pm every day, and ordinary tourists will be restricted from riding on fuel locomotives; in the Xiziwan (Hamaxing) area, sightseeing cars are prohibited throughout the day Enter.

In addition, the "Taiwan Festival" Kenting Music Season will start in Kenting, Pingtung from April 1st. Kaohsiung-Kenting (Kao-Ken Line) road passenger transport has a total of five routes, and the overall traffic volume has increased by 10%.

Taiwan Railways runs 2 additional trains for the Mayday concert

In response to the Mayday Kaohsiung concert, Taiwan Railways will run two additional trains for the northbound and southbound trains from April 1st to the early morning of the 3rd, respectively at Xinzuoying Station at 0:50am and 1:20am to Chiayi. At 0:40 and 1:30 in the morning, Xinzuoying Station drove south to Chaozhou to evacuate the crowd after the concert.