In response to the North Korean nuclear unmanned submarine threat, the South Korean Academy of Defense Science is developing a "ultra-large multifunctional unmanned submarine".

The picture shows a North Korean unmanned nuclear submarine simulating an underwater explosion of a nuclear bomb.

(European News Agency)

[Instant News/Comprehensive Report] North Korea announced on the 24th that it has recently conducted a test of a "new submersible attack weapon system". This weapon system is considered by the outside world to be the North Korean version of the "Poseidon unmanned nuclear torpedo".

South Korean military sources pointed out that the Academy of National Defense Science is currently developing a "ultra-large multifunctional unmanned submarine", which is regarded as the latest countermeasure against North Korea's underwater weapons.

According to South Korea's "Yonhap News Agency", at present, the South Korean military has not put forward specific technical requirements for "ultra-large unmanned submarines". Instead, it first defines the concept of weapon systems and analyzes key technologies, combat types, and military effects.

South Korea's Academy of Defense Science has conducted research on various schemes for "ultra-large unmanned submarines", including aspects such as automatic navigation, submarine weight and speed.

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South Korea's Academy of Defense Science has been developing unmanned submarines since 2017, and may transfer its key technologies to "ultra-large unmanned submarines" to shorten the development time.

The South Korean military has previously stated that it will strive to have unmanned submarines for reconnaissance become operational by 2030.

The U.S., Russia and other major military powers have achieved certain results in the development of ultra-large unmanned submarines. The U.S. military’s "Orca" (Orca) extra-large underwater unmanned vehicle (Orca XLUUV) was launched for testing last year. Combat on the surface and underwater, it can also perform multiple tasks such as surveillance, mine clearance, electronic warfare, etc., and can perform dangerous tasks unmanned, and the submerged time can reach several months.


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