Chiang Wan-an, mayor of Taipei.

(Provided by Beishi Government)

[Reporter Cai Sipei/Taipei Report] Taipei Mayor Jiang Wanan has been in office for three months. The Taipei City Government held a city meeting this morning and reported on the progress of the administration. The city government has introduced policies in areas such as urban renewal, transportation, childcare and long-term care.

The long-lost bids for the North-South Ring Section of the Taipei MRT have been awarded and started;

Jiang Wanan also said that the city government team should not only solve problems, but also create new situations, and called on the heads of various bureaus to take the initiative to find out the needs of citizens and friends.

Yu Zhenhua, the chairman of the research and examination meeting, explained the implementation of Jiang Wanan's political views on urban regeneration, practical transportation, happy parenting and care for the elderly at the municipal meeting.

The city government has introduced policies such as 5 arrows in the city, a pedestrian-friendly environment, internal medicine traffic movement, double birth rewards, priority for second-child families to live in communal housing, emergency rescue facilities, and senior learning centers.

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As for the continuing construction, the East Loop Section of the MRT Loop Line has been reviewed and completed by the National Development Council, the North Loop Section CF680B has also started construction, and the South Loop Section has also been awarded a section bid.

The big arena, which is concerned by the outside world, has completed the administrative review of the fire and smoke exhaust test, and will start laying turf on the stadium in the near future, with the goal of playing the first game by the end of this year.

Yu Zhenhua also said that the city government will continue to promote social housing. The construction of the Songxin Social House started on March 15 this year. In response to the occupancy problems of existing social housing such as charity, the city government has also proposed improvement plans and introduced new management methods.

Yu Zhenhua said that in the future, the research and examination meeting will continue to track the implementation of the mayor's political opinions through the municipal white paper. The progress of the white paper will be updated in January and July every year, and external experts and scholars will also be required to review it, and the white paper will be published on the website to let the outside world understand the implementation status.

Jiang Wanan also thanked the colleagues in the municipal government for their hard work in promoting municipal administration, and accomplished many things in three months. He also agreed with the battalion to jointly formulate the direction of future governance. So far, he has implemented various political opinions and solved problems for citizens and friends.

Jiang said that the city government team adhered to the attitude of not evading and being brave to do things, and overcame challenges one by one.

Jiang also mentioned that when he first took office, he received complaints from the public about various problems in the charity house, but the Beishi government did not evade and proposed a better plan, which made the public very impressed.

Jiang Wanan said that the city government has achieved a lot in the past three months. He is proud of the heads of the bureaus and departments. If there are shortcomings, he needs to continue to be humble.

Jiang appealed to the city government team that in addition to solving problems for the citizens, they must also have a new attitude to make Taipei look brand new, calling on the heads of various bureaus to take the initiative to find out the needs of citizens and friends.