“Hello, Khun Jaewrimjow.

You wrote about the live broadcast of the SEA Games in Cambodia.

With the matter of negotiating the royalties that the host thinks with Thailand is very expensive (28 million baht), then agree that it is not reasonable at all.

I am also a big sports fan.

Watch live broadcasts of various sports around the world.

which we must admit

The SEA Games are just local or small regional sports.

Important is only 11 ASEAN nations.

In the past, they took turns hosting each other, competing with each other, watching each other, some sports, they almost didn't even have their own.

Coming back to the royalties that Cambodia will collect from Thailand at 28 million baht is considered inappropriate.

Because it's a lot of money that shouldn't be wasted on something like this.

Although sport is an important activity

build solidarity among ASEAN nations

But the host must also be in favor of international friendship.

Every nation has just recovered from COVID.

Just opening the country to meet each other, trade and tourism have just opened their eyes and mouth for a few days.

Then why are you going to scrape together, really?

And do not forget that the amount of 28 million baht that will be used to buy the copyright

It is the money that comes from all Thai people's taxes.

It's not the money of any one person in SAT. You guys have to think carefully.

But if you negotiate and get a reasonable price

We don't mind either.

Thai people will be able to watch the SEA Games as usual.

But not to fear the host, as we have lost our pockets.

like pitying him and hurting himself

Recently, there has been a similar opinion.

This SEA Games could not be broadcast live.

or broadcast live

it shows

Most Thai people are not very happy with the Cambodian edition of the SEA Games.

because they were too aggressive with Thailand”.

"Decha Chana Phai"