In Kyiv, Polish volunteer Marek died of injuries received near Bakhmut.

On March 16, the Russian military fired at him and 4 civilians during the provision of humanitarian aid on the route Kostyantynivka - Chasiv Yar. 

This was reported by the organization Inicjatywa Nehemiasz. 

Marek has been providing humanitarian aid in Ukraine since the fall of 2022.

Doctors tried to save him for a week, but on March 27 he died in a hospital in Kyiv. 

"He took these trips very seriously and was involved in their preparation, contacted the Ukrainian side and actively participated in them. He was

in Irpen, Fastov, Zaporizhzhia and Donetsk.

He also attached a lot of importance to proper preparation: he participated in specialized training from the American of the fund for volunteers going to the front-line areas, he meant that he had adequate paramedical security for himself and potential ones. Despite the immediate evacuation and the highest professionalism of

Ukrainian doctors who fought for his life for several hours of operations,"

 the organization's page states.

As stated on the Nehemiasz page, one of the Ukrainian aid leaders, who knew Mark personally, wrote about him as follows: "Mark was a MAN. "There are very few of them.

I hug you so much and miss you together." We miss you too."

The Polish ambassador in Kyiv, Bartosz Tsihotskyi, confirmed that the volunteer was wounded.

We will remind, on March 26 it became known that three volunteers from Poland died in the war in Ukraine.

All of them died from serious injuries received in the east of Ukraine.


Minister of

 the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Poland, Michal Dworczyk, did not name the soldiers who gave their lives fighting for Ukraine. 

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