Hunter Lin wanted to "restore the story" to the public through his friends, and issued a statement of up to 994 characters.

(Photographed by reporter Chen Enhui)

[Reporter Chen Enhui/Taoyuan Report] An East African baboon has been wandering in Taoyuan City for 18 days. Yesterday (27) afternoon, it invaded a house on Zhongzheng Road, Yangmei District. , was seriously injured and died. Facing the criticism from the outside world, the hunter surnamed Lin wanted to "restore the story" to the public through his friends, and issued a statement of up to 994 characters. At the end of the article, he specially attached his name and mobile phone number for verification.

The full text of the statement is as follows:

First of all, I want to restore what happened.

At 10:00 am on March 27, I received a contact from Mr. Liao from the Agriculture Department of the Hsinchu County Government, saying that because the baboons are very close to Hsinchu County, they were worried about going to Hsinchu, and hoped that I could assist in the roundup.

According to news reports, everyone knows that the scene of the roundup was in Fugang, because we happened to be in Hukou, a very short distance, only two or three kilometers away, so we went to the scene at about 11 am.

There were personnel from the Agriculture Bureau of Taoyuan City Government, veterinarians from Liufu Village, etc., but they were all in plain clothes. I didn’t know who was who. I told them that I was doing alien species removal at the Forestry Bureau. I also told the other party that we are using a homemade shotgun, and there may be no way to do it once we drive it. I have said this.

And there is a sign on our car, and their people have a special look to know that we are hunters who remove alien species.

We worked with them for three to four hours, with people from the Taoyuan Agricultural Bureau on the side.

At around 3:20 in the afternoon, the person who ordered to shoot me was a person who claimed to be from the Agricultural Bureau, so I always thought it was, until I went to the police station to make a statement and found out that he was a veterinarian from Liufu Village.

On the afternoon of the 27th, we surrounded the baboons in a place beside a ditch. I sent my own people inside, but we didn’t shoot. Later, we drove the baboons to the house that was photographed in the news. , The three anesthesia guns have been fired. I don't know if they are veterinarians from the Agriculture Bureau or somewhere, and some say they are here to support.

There is a gun light on my gun, because it is in the dark, I turned on the gun light to see, and then I was not sure if it was a baboon, and the young man who later found out that it was Liufu Village gave me wood, and I threw it away , and then there was no response, so I took some more pictures, the baboon suddenly roared, and then it jumped onto the roof, ready to climb up, to get out of the hole, and then I said to that person: "Hey Hurry up!" He told me that the anesthesia was out of needles, and he said, "Just shoot!" and I did, and that was it.

Then more people came in. Among them, the tall man from the Agriculture Bureau said, "Everyone shut up." Then their staff told us to leave first, and we left first.

The people who came in later didn't know that I fired the shot, but the young man who told me to shoot and the tall guy knew.

After finishing processing at 5:39 pm, a lady from the Taoyuan City Government called me and told me to go to the Tomioka Police Station to take notes.

If the Bureau of Agriculture didn't know about the existence of our "other group of people" and who we were, how could they have my phone call?

I deeply regret the death of the baboons. It was because I received the order and there were a lot of people on the scene at that time. The baboons were rounded up fiercely. I was also worried that the veterinarians, on-site personnel and onlookers would be injured, so I fired the shotgun at the request of the veterinarians.

Therefore, I also want to tell you the real situation that I know, and declare the following three points:

1. I acted together with the Agriculture Bureau of the Taoyuan City Government at the scene of the roundup, and they were fully aware of it.

2. I did not fire the shotgun without authorization, but I thought the veterinarian was a member of the Bureau of Agriculture, so I obeyed the order to shoot.

3. The situation at the scene was chaotic, and the baboons may hurt people at any time, so I decided to obey orders and shoot at the moment, and I also express my deep regret here.