The bottleneck section of the two-lane highway in Pingtung is to be widened, and the environmental impact assessment has been passed.

(Photo by reporter Huang Mingtang)

[Reporter Huang Mingtang/Taitung Report] The widening project of the Taitung section of the Taidong-Kowloon South-Line Highway was completed and opened to traffic at the end of 2019. The traffic has improved, and the public feels it. However, the Shuangliu-Xin Road at the end of Pingtung is still a two-lane road for nearly 10 kilometers, which has become a bottleneck.

Legislator Liu Chaohao pointed out that the Shuangliu-New Section of the Last Mile Road (462K+200~471K+400) had passed the environmental impact assessment in March this year, with an estimated cost of 4.506 billion yuan. He will urge the General Administration of Highways to include it in the provincial road improvement plan to speed up the process , hoping to start work as soon as possible.

The South Circuit Highway has been narrow and winding on the mountain road for many years, and it collapsed in case of heavy rain. The tunnel between Caopu and the Senyong Viaduct have shortened the driving time, greatly improved the quality of driving, and improved driving safety. The public is very impressed by the improvement of this road project.

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Liu Chaohao pointed out that there are still some road sections between Caopu and Fenggang on the South Circuit Road in Pingtung that have not yet been widened, causing congestion on the bottleneck section and affecting driving safety. The Provincial Road Improvement Program was implemented.

Liu Zhaohao pointed out that the follow-up section of the South Circuit Road, the improvement project from the south entrance of Caopu Tunnel to Caopu Bridge, has been completed in June 2020, and the improvement project of Dan Road Outer Ring Road (467K+450~468K+500) will also be completed in April 2022. The construction will be completed in July, and the improvement project from Caopu to Shuangliu (460K+300~462K+190) is scheduled to be completed in September of this year (2023). Only the Shuanghe new road section (462K+200~471K+400) is still in the process of design and planning Among them, the environmental impact assessment report of this road section has been passed in March this year. The follow-up Highway Administration will draw up a construction design, submit it to the Executive Yuan for review and approval, and speed up the detailed design and land acquisition. After the land acquisition is completed, the construction contract can be handled , Complete the widening of the South Circuit Highway and promote local development.