The scandalous singer MC Pipokinha jumped naked to the fans during her concert and spanked a lustful man with a microphone who grabbed her breasts. writes about it.

MC Pipokinha - a scandalous Brazilian singer who became famous for his odious acts reacted to sexual harassment from her fan.

During the concert, the woman completely undressed and jumped into the crowd of fans.

One of the inadequate lustful men grabbed the woman by her breasts.

Then MC Pipokinha reacted and spanked him with the microphone for the disgusting act. 



This is not the first incident with the Brazilian singer.

Previously, she became famous for the fact that she engaged in oral sex on stage and allowed cats to suck her nipples.

The woman also got into a scandal after criticizing teachers for their low salary from the stage. 


We will remind you that in Nigeria, a 33-year-old woman lost her strength and squeezed the owner's testicles so hard that he died.

The reason for the dispute was 

the husband's request to pay for electricity.

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