A woman surnamed Wu tripped over a protruding steel nail while walking on the sidewalk, and angrily sued Gaofu for compensation.

Schematic diagram of the sidewalk, not the location of the incident.

(file photo)

[Reporter Huang Jialin/Kaohsiung Report] A woman surnamed Wu in Kaohsiung City tripped over a protruding steel nail while walking on the sidewalk and was injured. The photo showing the location of the accident was an attempt to shirk responsibility, but it was discovered on the spot. The judge believed that there was a causal relationship between Wu's injury and the lack of management of the sidewalk, and sentenced Gao City to pay more than 50,000 yuan.

The judgment pointed out that at noon on January 18, 2021, a woman surnamed Wu was walking on the sidewalk maintained by the Gao City Public Works Bureau, and suddenly tripped over a protruding steel nail on the sidewalk, causing her a slight concussion. Rubbing, contusion, and contusion of the left lower limb; Wu Nv later asked the Gao City Government to be responsible, but the coordination between the two parties broke down, and Wu Nv sued the state for more than 1.34 million yuan in compensation.

During the trial in the Fengshan summary court, the Public Works Bureau of the Gaoshi Municipal Government denied that there was any mismanagement, and said that Ms. Wu might have fallen because she didn’t walk well. The steel nails were not worn smooth, and the uneven road surface caused Wu Nu to fall and get injured.

However, the Public Works Bureau produced another set of photos and a road inspection form as evidence, claiming that the sidewalk was repaired after construction, and the judge slapped him in the face on the spot. He saw that the photos presented by the Public Works Bureau were not the place where Wu Nv fell; the judge determined that Wu Nv was injured and the sidewalk The lack of management has a causal relationship. Although Wu Nu proposed a compensation of more than one million yuan, only based on the medical certificate and related documents, the Gaoshi Municipal Public Works Bureau should pay more than 50,000 yuan and can appeal.