The Good Party, the Party of Democracy and Breakthrough, and the Party of the Fatherland sent an appeal to the Supreme Election Commission of the country.

The opposition supports Erdoğan's main opponent,

Kemal Kilicdaraglu


According to the authors of the appeal in the sample, the nomination of the current president contradicts the Constitution of Turkey, because his current term is the second in terms of number.

The current government claims that after the constitutional referendum of 2017,


presidential term was nullified.

Turkish presidential elections will be held on May 14.

They were not moved, despite the recent earthquake, which killed more than 50,000 people.

Erdogan and Kilicdaraglu are the favorites of the election campaign.

The theme of the earthquake dominates their campaigns.

The main complaint of the opposition to President Erdogan is the authorities' poor preparation for overcoming the consequences of devastating earthquakes and shortcomings in providing assistance to the victims.

Recent polls show that the opposition candidate can win more votes than the incumbent president.