In the temporarily occupied Berdyansk

of the Zaporizhzhia region,

the Russian occupiers plan to create a resort for their military, turning it into a closed facility.

This was reported in the press service of the Berdyansk City Council.

It is emphasized that the propaganda channels published video visits of the leaders of the "United Russia" party.

They talked about the decision to create conditions for the rehabilitation of the occupiers and their families in the occupied city on the territory of local sanatoriums.

They decided to appoint a local collaborator Mykola Miroshnichenko as the head of this "resort".

"The plans of the occupiers are to repurpose the former territory of the resort exclusively for the needs of the Russian army. With all the other consequences that such a decision will have. Of course, with the formation of such a scale, in fact, a military base capable of receiving thousands of people at the same time, such territory will to be carefully guarded as a military object," the message reads.

The mayor's office says that the occupiers chose Berdyansk for a reason.

They take advantage of the geographical location of the city, because it is still in the furthest rear of the war.

Therefore, "the occupiers count on the inviolability of their property," noted the city council.

It will be recalled that in the evening briefing on March 23, the General Staff published

information about the "exit" of all units of the Russian army from Novaya Kakhovka.

Before that, they robbed the local population, stealing household appliances and valuables.

The same evening, the Ukrainian command denied its previous statement, explaining that it was "incorrect use of available data.

Military expert Oleg Zhdanov says that 

Nova Kakhovka is of strategic importance for the Russian Federation


They will fight for her to the last.

"There will be an order to fight to the death, not to retreat anywhere and not surrender anything," Zhdanov stressed.

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