During the Children's Day holiday, the New Taipei City MRT Corporation launched a "Light Rail One-Day Ticket" exchange event for limited edition marble sodas. The soda tastes of the two light rails are different.

(Photo courtesy of New Taipei City MRT Corporation)

[Reporter Huang Ziyang/New Taipei Report] The Children’s Day holiday is just around the corner. The New Taipei City MRT Company has launched a free light rail activity for children. Children over the age of 6 but under the age of 12 can take the Danhai light rail and Ankeng light rail for free with their certificates; during the event, purchase 50 The "Light Rail One-Day Ticket" for RMB 1,000 can also be exchanged for limited edition marble soda. The tastes and designs of the two light rail routes are different.

The New Taipei MRT Company explained that from April 1 to April 5, children aged 6 to 12 can enjoy free rides with Shuangbei City Digital Student ID Card or Children’s Discount Card; those born after 2010 Children from other counties and cities can go to Mangrove Station of Danhai Light Rail and Tamsui Fisherman’s Wharf, or Shishizhang Station of Ankeng Light Rail, to exchange for a one-day light rail ticket for free, enjoying unlimited times on the day take a ride.

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In addition, during the event period, if you buy a 50-yuan light rail one-day ticket, you can enjoy unlimited rides on the day, and you can also exchange a bottle of light rail marble soda worth 39 yuan for free; the daily limit of 200 bottles of marble soda, There are 2 flavors and designs, Danhai light rail is lemon lime flavor, Ankeng light rail is old-fashioned marble soda, 2 flavors can be exchanged on different routes, while stocks last.

The Xinbei MRT Corporation said that there are different scenic spots along the two light rail lines. The Danhai light rail has a theme of several meters. Along the line, there is the company’s Tianxi Cherry Blossom Trail, and you can also go to Fisherman’s Wharf and Shalun Beach; friends who like nature, humanities, and ecological features can Take the Ankeng light rail and take advantage of the holidays to visit Erbazi Botanical Garden, Sunshine Sports Park and Shishizhang Historical Park.