The new system of part of the burden of health insurance will be postponed until July at the earliest.

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[Reporter Lin Huiqin/Taipei Report] The time for the new system to cover the burden of health insurance will be delayed again!

The first phase of the new system of outpatient drug and emergency department burden, which was originally scheduled to go on the road in April at the earliest, will be postponed to July at the earliest due to the adjustment of the emergency charging method and the need to provide a buffer period for the revision of the medical institution system.

Huang Zhaojie, head of the medical affairs management group of the National Health Insurance Department, said that before the first phase of the new system of partial burden of health insurance was launched, in the process of communicating with all walks of life, there were doubts about triage as a charging standard, mainly because triage is used by emergency departments to judge the order of treatment The basis of this does not necessarily represent the final severity of the disease. For example, a person whose triage classification is the third level may later become severe due to changes in the course of the disease. Therefore, the original planning direction is difficult for both doctors and patients.

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The draft plan of the emergency part of the original plan by the National Health Insurance Administration maintains the charge of 150 yuan for grass-roots institutions and regional hospitals, but for medical centers or regional hospitals, the fees for the first and second-level medical examination classifications are reduced from 450 yuan to 300 yuan and 200 yuan. For the lighter grades 4 and 5, the price will be increased from 550 yuan to 800 yuan and 600 yuan.

However, after communication from all walks of life, the preliminary plan was adjusted to be based on the level of the hospital as the charging basis, including 150 yuan for regional hospitals, 400 yuan for regional hospitals, and 750 yuan for medical centers.

Huang Zhaojie explained that the relevant amount is mainly determined with reference to the 20% charge in the "National Health Insurance Law", the analysis of the actual medical expenses of each level of emergency department, and the principle that the emergency department should not be cheaper than the outpatient department. Considering that the adjustment of the new system will give medical institutions a buffer time, it is estimated that It will be on the road in July, and the announcement will be made no later than one month before the road.