The salary for working 12 hours a day is less than 40,000 yuan. The union went to the Executive Yuan Chen Kang to raise 5 demands including "setting the minimum safe shipping fee".

(Photo by reporter Zheng Weiqi)

[Reporter Zheng Weiqi/Taipei Report] About 10 people from the Taiwan Auto Freight and Warehousing Industry Union went to the Executive Yuan Chen Kang today (28th) and shouted "Safety of livelihood must be guaranteed, and freight logistics needs to be reformed", proposing that the freight industry should set a minimum There are five demands for safe freight, wage adjustments, violations of the Labor Standards Act, a deadline for improvement, a cap on accident compensation, and protection for occupational accidents in the transportation industry. It is hoped that the Executive Yuan can urge the Ministry of Labor and the Ministry of Communications to make improvements.

Lin Zhixiong, chairman of the auto freight and warehousing industry union, said that the logistics industry in South Korea went on strike a while ago because there was no minimum safe shipping fee. The same is true in Taiwan. Large e-commerce platforms such as MOMO and Dongsen have lowered logistics shipping fees every time. In order to win the delivery rights of large-scale e-commerce companies, logistics companies have to cut prices and compete. In order to make money, they can only lower the salaries of drivers, so that drivers have to work hard every day and work overtime in order to earn a salary to support their families; the consequences of this are many. Drivers are tired of driving, just like drunk driving, they become an unpredictable time bomb on the road, which may cause their own and even other people's families to be broken at any time.

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Lin Zhixiong said that most of the current salaries of logistics drivers, the basic salary is lower than the minimum salary, and they have to rely on trip bonuses to increase their income. As a result, drivers have to work high hours to support their families; It will lead to unstable jobs and livelihoods, calling for low wages to be raised, and collective negotiations with industrial unions.

Lin Changzhi, director-general of the Automobile Freight and Warehousing Industry Trade Union, said that the "Automobile Transportation Industry Management Rules" stipulates that freight rates should be jointly formulated by the Automobile Transportation Industry Association and related labor unions, but now large e-commerce companies continue to lower prices, and they think it should be allowed The freight rate is transparent, so that all walks of life can know the actual price, and guarantee that the driver can get a normal salary, and no middle-level exploitation. For example, there are drivers in the south who report that they work 12 hours a day, and their monthly salary plus trip bonus is less than 40,000. .

Lin Changzhi pointed out that the transportation industry is a habitual offender in violation of the Labor Standards Act. Overtime work, insufficient rest time, and failure to pay overtime pay according to the law, etc., are known to the Ministry of Labor through special investigations. He calls on the Ministry of Labor to disclose the results of the special investigation and let the public Know which companies are habitual offenders of the Labor Standards Act; and also appeal to the General Administration of Highways of the Ministry of Communications. For operators who violate the Labor Standards Law, they should make improvements within a time limit according to the Highway Law. Only after the person does the action.

Drivers in the current logistics industry run outside every day, and it is inevitable that they will encounter accidents. However, most automobile freight industries will require drivers to bear follow-up compensation. Large trucks and connected vehicles cost several million dollars. Company Services.

The trade union demands that an upper limit be set on the compensation ratio, and that the company should bear part of the responsibility. If the company does not have to be responsible, it will not require drivers to pay attention to driving behavior.

Freight drivers sit and drive for a long time and have to carry goods when they arrive at designated locations. Lin Changzhi said that after online surveys by the union, most drivers have occupational injuries such as herniated discs and hope to get insurance protection. However, because there are not many cases, most of them are not identified as Occupational disasters, calling on the government to assist.

Huang Wenxiang, deputy director of the Department of Transportation, Environment and Resources of the Executive Yuan, said that he has understood the five major demands put forward by the trade unions today, and will ask the Ministry of Transport and the Ministry of Labor to assist these drivers who are of great help to Taiwan's economy as much as possible in the future. The petition will be forwarded to the relevant ministries.

Chairman of the Taiwan Auto Freight and Warehousing Industry Union (front row, second from left), submitted a letter of love to Huang Wenxiang, Deputy Director of the Department of Transportation, Environment and Resources, Executive Yuan (front row, third from left).

(Photo by reporter Zheng Weiqi)