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The Louvre is closing its doors.

The famous Paris museum will not work today, because its employees will also join the mass discontent against the cooked pension reform in France.

It provides for the French to work until the age of 64, instead of until 62, as it is now.

Discontent has been going on for a long time, but tensions escalated after the government's decision to push the law through without a vote in parliament.

Strike action is expected to bring the country to a standstill again.

Hundreds of protesters at airports may lead to canceled or delayed flights.

Part of the public transport in Paris will not operate today, and the rest will run with changed routes.

Authorities have announced that nearly 13,000 police officers have been mobilized for the upcoming strike today.

Protesters blocked the Louvre in Paris

Hundreds of people accused the police of a "brutal" attitude against the demonstrators.



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