Zhao Zhicheng (right), head of North Li in Fengshan Township, sent a joint proposal to Liao Taixiang (left), head of Gaoshi Economic Development Bureau, requesting the withdrawal of the case and relocation.

(Photo by reporter Ge Youhao)

[Reporter Ge Youhao/Kaohsiung Report] The energy planning of the three places built the largest 170mw energy storage field in Niuchoupu, Fengshan District, which triggered a strong local backlash. , I also thank Mayor Chen Qimai for his attention to this case.

The Fengshan Niuchoupu energy storage electric field case aroused opposition from residents. 65 district chiefs in Fengshan District, and about 6,000 people from Zhenbei, Wusong, Zhongzhong, and Beimen 4 Limen around the case jointly signed the case. Today, Zhenbei District Chief Zhao Zhicheng , and sent a joint proposal to the Gaoshi Economic Development Bureau, appealing to withdraw the case, relocate and improve the planning of life service functions.

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Zhao Zhicheng pointed out that the land for energy storage facilities is connected to the residential area of ​​Beiping Road, and the residential area behind has about 11,000 households with a population of up to 22,000.

He emphasized that this area is a densely populated residential area. Although the urban plan used to set this area as an industrial area, it has now become an important settlement in Fengshan. Therefore, it is necessary to relocate the energy storage field. It is recommended to move it to an industrial area far away from the population. The use of land is more in line with the public welfare of the entire public.

Zhao Zhicheng also emphasized that he is grateful to Mayor Chen Qimai for his attention to this case. Through active communication with the city government and clarification of everyone's demands, this case has room for improvement. In the future, he also looks forward to the city government's plan to improve living functions.

Liao Taixiang, Director of the Economic and Development Bureau of Gaocheng City, reiterated that the city government stood with the citizens and immediately asked the Ministry of Economic Affairs to withdraw the case, and actively assisted the local government to communicate with the industry. In the future, it will continue to plan and improve supporting measures based on local appeals, taking into account life and Development, create a win-win situation.