If Ukraine loses

to the Russian aggressors

, they will not stop there and will continue to attack other countries of Central Europe.

This was stated by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic, Jan Lipavsky, to



He noted that Western countries should do everything possible so that Ukraine can protect itself from Russian invaders.

Lipavsky is sure that Ukraine's victory can only be within the framework of territorial integrity and sovereignty within internationally recognized borders, and especially in the return of the annexed Crimea.

"I believe that we should deal a strong blow to Russian imperialism in order to once and for all cut off Russia's colonial appetites for stealing territories from other countries," said Lipavsky.

In addition, the head of the Czech Foreign Ministry said that although his country does not play a key role in the supply of weapons for the defense of Ukraine, it can set an example for other states.

"And this is what we are doing. We can explain our concern about security - and we are doing it - and explain the danger that today's imperial Russia poses to the world. If Russia defeats Ukraine, it will go further into Central Europe," the minister emphasized.

It will be recalled that earlier the head of the Pentagon, Lloyd Austin, during the hearings of the US Senate Committee on Armed Forces, said that Ukraine can take advantage of the significant depletion of the Russian army and the supply of Western weapons in order to

conduct a successful counteroffensive this spring


We also informed that France will double the supply of 155-mm shells to Ukraine 

in order to provide the Ukrainian military during the counteroffensive


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