The first supermarket in the eastern section of Nanheng completed the installation of an ATM, and residents in nearby villages do not need to spend time going down the mountain to withdraw cash.

(Photo by reporter Chen Xianyi)

[Reporter Chen Xianyi/Taitung Report] Taking advantage of the government’s general distribution of 6,000 yuan to revive the economy after the epidemic, the first supermarket in the eastern section of the Nanheng Highway opened in January this year, and recently installed an ATM to benefit rice along the line. Residents in the villages of Wulu, Wulu and Xiama can easily withdraw their money without having to endure the hardships of travel and transportation; Qiu Yongqiang, a villager in Lidao, said that supermarkets are really convenient. I hope this time I can follow the correct steps to get 6,000 yuan in cash from the ATM.

The Nanheng Highway is 58 kilometers long from the highest point of the pass to the entrance of Chulai. In the past, it took more than half an hour for the residents of the villages along the road to go down the mountain to get money on Haiduan Street. The new supermarket is next to the Wulu Tianlong Hotel. The ATM also has the functions of withdrawal, transfer and deposit, which has greatly improved the living functions of the villages along the line, and the villagers are happy to welcome the arrival of a new life.

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Zhang Quanxinlan, a county councilor based in Haiduan Township, said that she is very happy that the supermarket in Wulu Village has also installed an ATM cash machine. The tribe has more convenience, especially the 6,000 yuan general distribution operation recently, so that the tribe has an additional channel to apply for it, and it does not need to take nearly an hour to drive down the mountain. I am very grateful that the East Office of the Executive Yuan implemented it before the ATM was installed. Chang Hong Zongkai's vigorous promotion and assistance.

The supermarket opened at the beginning of the year and installed an ATM on the 25th. However, due to the control of Nanheng, it is currently only open from 5:00 am to 10:00 pm.

Qiu Yongqiang said that many people in the tribe only use ATMs for simple withdrawals, and do not know that there are other functions such as deposits, transfers, and bill payments. He hopes that supermarkets can expand their business hours to 24 hours.

Hu Songjunren, director of the Wulu Police Station, said that he has been going to the tribe to promote fraud prevention in the past few days, reminding the public of 6 common fraud tactics, most of which are through ATM cash machines. The first is investment fraud, followed by Villagers are urged to pay attention to online shopping and cancellation of installment payment.

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The first supermarket in the eastern section of Nanheng opened at the beginning of the year, and recently completed the installation of ATMs, benefiting both residents and tourists in neighboring villages.

(Photo by reporter Chen Xianyi)