The chief summoner of the Democratic Progressive Party, Lu Lin Xiaofeng, led the members of the party group to hold a press conference, criticizing Zhang Shanzheng's process of arresting baboons as absurd.

(Photo by reporter Xie Wuxiong)

[Reporter Xie Wuxiong/Taoyuan Report] The Taoyuan City Government spent more than ten days arresting East African baboons, but ended up with the tragedy of the baboon's death; the Taoyuan City Council Democratic Progressive Party Group held a press conference today to criticize the city government for its absurdity in handling animal protection issues There are also different opinions about the shooting at the scene. What is even more exaggerated is that Lu Jiye, the Commissioner of the Agricultural Bureau, even ran to the injured baboon to take selfies. In addition to asking Lu Jiye to step down, the party group also asked the city government to clearly explain the situation at the scene.

Chief Caller Lu Lin Xiaofeng also asked the Taoyuan City Government on behalf of the DPP group to explain who the on-site commander was at the time, and whether the hunter surnamed Lin who shot the gun was entrusted by the Hsinchu County Government or the Taoyuan City Government, and who authorized the shooting; Special committee member Lu Jiye is obviously incompetent and should step down immediately.

Lu Linxiaofeng said that she saw that the Taoyuan City Government was dealing with the issue of animal protection in a sloppy manner. During the pursuit, there were multiple groups of people commanding it. Smiling and taking a selfie with the injured baboons, Zhang Shanzheng’s city government team is obviously more of a show than a rescue. Lu Jiye’s background is a youth farmer, and he knew Zhang Shanzheng well in Hualien. He once served as the 2020 Kuomintang presidential elector Han Guoyu’s national political adviser, and now Lu Jiye is leading the capture of baboons , directly slapped Zhang Shanzheng, who claims to "respect professionalism", in the face.

Members of the party and caucus also criticized in turn that the Bureau of Agriculture formed a "catch baboons war room" and dispatched aerial cameras and high-tech thermal imaging cameras. In the end, they hunted and killed the baboons directly. Lu Jiye walked out of the house with the baboons and said, "help me take pictures One, I want to give it to my daughter”; and the staff of the Agricultural Bureau bowed to the dead baboon at the gate of the animal protection office, highlighting that Zhang Shanzheng’s team continued to consume animals, treating life as nothing, and putting on a show from beginning to end.