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Two persons from the Stolipinovo neighborhood of Plovdiv are being checked because of found notebooks with names.

It is clarified whether these persons are related to usury activity, or whether the lists are related to Art.

167 of the Criminal Code - crimes against the political rights of citizens.

This was announced to journalists in Plovdiv by the Chief Secretary of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Chief Commissioner Petar Todorov, reported

As we have already reported, officers from 6 RU are conducting a specialized police operation for illegal moneylending activity in "Stolipinovo".

Addresses on "Vazkhod" Street and "Krayna" Street are being checked, for which there is information that there are persons involved in vote buying there. 

"Actions are held everywhere. Including on the election day, there will be. The events will continue even after the elections. There are over 75 initiated pre-trial proceedings, close to 400 operational and about 270 overt reports are being worked on. For each report, a resource is thrown to check them. Where evidence of any type of criminal activity is confirmed, a case file or pre-trial proceeding is established under the supervision of the prosecutor's office. 

Specifically for "Stolipinovo" - two persons are being checked.

There are established notebooks with names.

It is being checked whether they are persons related to usury activity or whether it is related under Article 167. After completion of the check, it will be assessed under which texts of the Criminal Code to carry out" - said Chief Commissioner Petar Todorov. In the "Faculty" district,

numerous checks, many persons are checked. This, according to Chief Commissioner Todorov, is a routine operation that takes place in every part of the country. "We have many signals, everyone is checked for possibly some form of influence on the vote and the electoral process" - he added police officer #1.

There is no danger of holding the upcoming extraordinary parliamentary elections because of the bomb threats directed at Bulgarian schools.

He clarified that within two days, a special reaction procedure will be created during the vote if there are reports of explosive devices in the electoral commissions.

Bulgarian law enforcement authorities work with partner services to counter these threats.

So far, bomb alerts have been filed in 102 schools in the country.

One person who lives abroad is suspected of them.

Actions against vote buying also continue.

Today, an operation was conducted in the Stolipinovo neighborhood of Plovdiv.

Two people were found there, in whose notebooks new names were written.