Baboon remains undergo tomography examination.

(Photo courtesy of the Forest Service)

[Reporter Wei Jinyun/Taipei Report] The baboon who fled Taoyuan City for 18 days was shot dead by a shotgun during the roundup yesterday evening. At 9:00 this morning, the animal protection department of Taoyuan City Government sent the baboon body to the Taipei Zoo for examination.

Luo Youjuan, Head of the Conservation Team of the Forestry Bureau of the Agriculture Committee of the Executive Yuan, was interviewed at the zoo and said that the main purpose of sending the baboon carcasses to the zoo is to take X-rays and tomographic scans, and samples will also be taken as a follow-up species identification test. After the inspection, the carcasses will be sent to The cause of death was judged by the Animal Health Experiment of the Council of Agriculture.

The escape of the baboon has attracted national attention. Yesterday afternoon, the Agriculture Bureau of the Taoyuan City Government received a report that the baboon had appeared in a certain house, and sent personnel to round it up. They fired an anesthesia gun at it and then caught it with a net. Unexpectedly, the baboon had already been caught The hunter was shot with a shotgun. Although he was rushed to the Leofoo Village Animal Hospital for emergency treatment, he died of serious injuries. The case is yet to be clarified by the police.

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Luo Youjuan said that because it was previously reported that the baboon was a dolphin-tailed baboon, the purpose of sending the baboon carcass to the zoo was mainly to conduct species identification, clarify the animal species, and determine what kind of baboon the baboon was.

As for the subsequent cremation and burial of the baboon corpses or making specimens, Luo Youjuan said that follow-up studies will be conducted on how to deal with them.

In the face of media inquiries, will normal animal escape procedures use guns?

Luo Youjuan said frankly that in the process of rounding up animals, it is possible to use a tranquilizer gun or a shotgun.

Regarding the confusion at the roundup site, unclear identity of the hunter, whether there were flaws in the roundup SOP, and whether the conversation between the Hsinchu County Government and the hunter was grasped, Luo Youjuan said that because she was not at the scene, she did not know much about the situation at the scene, and the Taoyuan City Government may compare Clearly, it also depends on their actual contact status.

Luo Youjuan explained that according to the "Wildlife Conservation Law", there is a division of responsibilities between the central and local governments. Among them, animal management and inspection are the local responsibilities, and the central competent authority is mainly responsible for the export and import of animals, as well as policy formulation and supervision. Local governments implement the law, and the division of powers and responsibilities between the central and local governments is very clear.

Criminal responsibility is imposed for slaughtering conservation animals. Does this case meet the requirements?

Luo Youjuan said that this part can only be confirmed after the police clarify it.

Which unit was the baboon raised for? Is there a way to trace it after death?

gender and age?

Luo Youjuan said that because the body of the baboon has just been delivered, it is not yet sure whether there is a microchip on it. Now that the body is being collected and tested, it is hoped that it can be used in the follow-up to clarify the source of the animal. However, whether the technology to clarify the source of the animal is feasible needs to be discussed with experts .

How many days does the inspection process take?

Luo Youjuan said that the carcasses of the baboons will be sent to the health center today, and the health center will have a better way of judging how long the inspection process will take after the animals are delivered.