A 69-year-old South Korean mother took 960 exams before getting her driver's license.

(Picture taken from Twitter @nypost)

[Instant News/Comprehensive Report] The risk of driving in the elderly is high, and some countries will call on people to surrender their driver's licenses after reaching a certain age.

However, a grandma in South Korea started to learn to drive at the age of 66, and after 960 attempts, she successfully obtained a driver's license at the age of 69.

The driving class staff was greatly relieved to hear that she had passed, and was very happy for her.

And this grandmother's experience has also inspired many people, and even attracted a car company to invite her to shoot an advertisement together.

According to comprehensive foreign media reports, a grandma Che Sishun (transliteration, 차사순) in South Korea decided to apply for a driving class at the age of 66 in order to sell her own vegetables and to take her grandson to the zoo.

Although the test was not very smooth, Che Sishun still took the written test every business day, 5 times a week, persisted for 3 years and finally passed the 960th time.

Then he failed the technical and road tests 4 times, and finally obtained his driver's license at the age of 69.

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And nearly a thousand exam registration fees and training class fees cost her more than 5 million won (approximately NT$110,000).

And Che Sishun's driving class was relieved that she got her driver's license.

Coach Park Soo-yeon (transliteration, 박수연) said that when everyone heard that she had passed the driver's license test, all the staff cheered and presented flowers for her.

The story of Che Sishun not only inspired many people who were struggling, but also attracted the attention of Hyundai Motor Group. In addition to inviting her to shoot commercials, they also gave her a car worth 16,800 US dollars (about NT$500,000). Car.

However, according to Korean media reports, Cha Sishun had 4 accidents in just a few months, including reversing and hitting a wall, head-on hitting a tree trunk, etc., which made the children very worried about her safety, and even bought the highest amount of money. driving insurance.