Taipei MRT has entered into the 27th year since its opening in March 1996. Beijie Company invited the employees who were "born" in Beijie Tongtian to celebrate their birthdays together.

(Photo by reporter Cai Yahua)

[Reporter Cai Yahua/Taipei Report] The Taipei MRT opened to traffic on March 28, 1996, has entered its 27th year, and its transportation volume has exceeded 12.5 billion. Beijie held a birthday party today, and the Metro Corner micro-markets at Taipei Main Station and Zhongxiao Fuxing Station were synchronized At the opening ceremony, Huang Qingxin, general manager of Beijie Company, pointed out that before the outbreak of the epidemic, the average daily traffic volume of Beijie was 2.16 million person-times, and the current average daily traffic volume is about 1.9 million person-times. up to 250 million yuan.

Beijie Company held the "MRT 27 Happiness Together" birthday celebration at MRT Taipei Station this afternoon. The 12.5 billionth passenger and 5 passengers before and after appeared at the birthday party. Huang Qingxin, general manager of Beijie, presented commemorative gifts to these 6 passengers. The commemorative gifts include free ride tickets, MRT play sets, etc., and 16 employees who were "born" on the same day as Beijie were invited to participate together. The scene was quite lively.

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At the birthday party, there were many birthday travelers who had the same birthday as Beijie to celebrate together. Beijie company selected 6 more passengers and gave them gifts such as hair dryers and coffee machines. In the end, Zong Hong cut the MRT-shaped cake together.

Affected by the epidemic, the average daily traffic volume fell below 2 million passengers

Huang Qingxin pointed out in his speech that at present, Beijie has 131 MRT stations and 146.2 operating kilometers. In addition, Beijie operates a new children's playground, Maokong Cable Car, and Little Arena. The value is as high as 519.5 billion yuan, and the assets are huge. The industry can be regarded as the number one.

Before the epidemic, the average daily traffic volume of Beijie reached 2.16 million passengers, and the current average is 1.9 million passengers, and the goal is to exceed 2 million passengers this year.

Huang Qingxin said that there are currently 6,239 Beijie employees, 3,129 trips a day, and 1 million trips a year. Thanks to all employees, cleaning personnel, security and outsourcing personnel, for maintaining the system operation, Beijie system is second to none in the world, Singapore, Japan And Hong Kong have come to exchange and study, MRT has become the name card of Taipei City, full of confidence, and thank the passengers for their support, and willing to tolerate occasional system abnormalities.

Actively expanding non-industry income, Beijie opened the Metro Corner mini-store at Nanjing Fuxing Station of the MRT in March last year to serve office workers and commuters, striving for an annual turnover of 40 million yuan. With the opening today, Huang Qingxin said that he hopes that the annual turnover of the three shopping malls can reach 250 million yuan. In the future, Zhongxiao Xinsheng Station and the intersection station will also open such shopping malls.

Taipei MRT has entered its 27th year in operation. Beijie Chairman and General Manager Huang Qingxin (from right), Chairman Zhao Shaolian, and Chairman of the Labor Union Jian Zonghong cut the cake together to celebrate the birthday.

(Photo by reporter Cai Yahua)