The 200,000th Taijiang native was born today. Mayor Huang Weizhe (2nd from left) personally presented the "upgrade" trophy, souvenirs and a 10,000-yuan gift certificate.

(Photo by reporter Wang Shuxiu)

[Reporter Wang Shuxiu/Tainan Report] The 200,000th Taiwan Jiangren was born at 10:27 am today (28th)!

The newborn Lin Xiaoyou moved into Fenghuangli today, and Annan District has officially become the second administrative district in Tainan City with a population of more than 200,000 after Yongkang District.

Annan District covers an area of ​​107.2 square kilometers, with a total of 51 miles. Since Zengwenxi flooded the land in 1823, it has undergone 200 years of land reclamation. Today, there are many modern high-rise buildings, witnessing the change from the sea to the mulberry fields, and the mulberry fields to gold.

In recent years, Annan District has developed rapidly. In just three months of this year, the population has increased by nearly 900 people.

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Mayor Huang Weizhe went to the Annan District Household Registration Office today to present the "upgrade" trophy and souvenirs, and even gave a gift certificate of 10,000 yuan to the 200,000th Taiwanese (including one front and one behind), congratulating Annan District on its progress The next century of Taijiang.

Huang Weizhe also promised that various hardware constructions in Annan District will step up efforts to improve the quality of life and urban functions.

Whether it is moving back from abroad, having a newborn baby or moving in from another county or city, everyone is welcome to work hard in Tainan together.

District Mayor Ye Zhiming said that in order to welcome the important historical moment when the population of Annan District exceeded 200,000, the office planned the birth event of the 200,000th Taijiang native, and invited local enterprises and institutions to participate in the event. Since the population reached 19 on the 27th, the event People from 9,980 to the day when the 200,000th Taiwan Jiangren was born are eligible for a lucky draw. A lucky draw will be held in April. One lucky winner will get a locomotive, and two lucky winners will get an iPhone. 1 stick.

The award ceremony is scheduled to be held on May 6 before the opening of the 200-year-old drama of Taijiang Jianzhuang to witness the grand event in Taijiang together.