[Reporter Cai Yahua/Taipei Report] Children’s Day and Ching Ming Festival will last for five days from April 1st to 5th. The Taipei City Parking Management Office stated that charging for on-street parking spaces will be suspended, but in order to maintain tourist attractions and The order of parking around the business district, the original Sunday toll roadside parking spaces, such as Ximen business district, Guanghua business district, Municipal Zoo, Shilin Night Market and other 19 business districts and tourist attractions, the surrounding off-street parking lots and on-street parking spaces Fees are still maintained.

19 Parking spaces in commercial districts and scenic spots are charged as usual

The parking management office stated that the public can check whether the road section is a Sunday toll road section from the on-site toll board, and the three-dimensional, underground, under the viaduct and off-street flat parking lots (including entrusted operation flat parking lots) under the jurisdiction of the parking management office are also charged as usual. The truck loading and unloading compartments and time-limited compartments are still controlled according to the control period on the board, and will not be changed because of no charges, so as to avoid penalties for illegal parking.

In addition, the Taipei City Traffic Control Engineering Office stated that the transfer lanes of 22 road sections in the city will be canceled from April 3rd to 5th; 152 pedestrian-only lanes will be implemented in conjunction with students going to and from school around the school and during weekdays and holidays. At the crossing of Shixiang signs, as well as the 75 intersections of three-color operation signs and the section of the parent pick-up area, the implementation will be implemented from April 3rd to 5th as if it were a holiday.