Liu Yixuan (from right), Luo Shuxuan and Li Qiao'an, three special education students, have given full play to their art potential in vocational schools and performed outstandingly.

(Photo by reporter Weng Yuhuang)

[Reporter Weng Yuhuang/New Taipei Report] "When God closes a door for you, he will definitely open another window for you." Liu Yixuan, a second-year student of art and engineering in New Taipei City, although she suffered from moderate hearing impairment since childhood, the process of learning and growing must be compared Others work harder, but she showed her talents in the art major and won the third place in the school's art painting competition. Liu Yixuan, with a sweet smile, dreams of becoming an excellent space designer like her parents, no matter how hard it is, she will do her best go all out.

Cai Yuxin, a special education counselor, said that there are more than 100 special students with certificates of physical and mental disabilities in the school. Due to certain physical and mental restrictions, they may not be able to meet the standards in general learning subjects, but they have special developments in the field of art. Potential, given time, will be an excellent artist, art or advertising design talent.

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For example, Liu Yixuan has an optimistic personality, and looks like a young girl with a youthful appearance, but because she suffers from "moderate sensorineural hearing impairment in both ears", under her long black hair, both ears must be equipped with hearing aids, and her learning will not be affected by hearing impairment. Enthusiasm, Liu Yixuan said, sometimes she can't understand what the teacher is saying, so she will ask repeatedly, or ask classmates for help, and the painting also has a unique style.

Li Qiao’an, a first-year student in the art department, suffers from autism and is affected by the disease, making it difficult to interact with people. However, she is very focused on painting and often carries a drawing book with her. Whenever she is free, she creates on the drawing book. For the homework and entries submitted, she will change and correct the parts she is not satisfied with, pursuing perfection. Because of her continuous creation, Li Qiaoan's personality has become more and more stable. This year's work was selected by the National Taiwan University Hospital for loan exhibition. , can not only achieve self-improvement, but also comfort people's hearts.

Luo Shuxuan, a second-year art major, has a learning disability and is not good at general subjects, but she has a deep affection for painting, has high self-demand, and constantly pursues the improvement of professional skills. Whether it is watercolor or ink painting, she will concentrate on it. Produce the best work.

Li Qiao'an's works were selected by National Taiwan University Hospital as artworks displayed in the hospital.

(Photo by reporter Weng Yuhuang)

Liu Yixuan's paintings participated in the school's art exhibition, and won the third place among thousands of works.

(Photo by reporter Weng Yuhuang)

Luo Shuxuan's works are exquisite in brushwork and profound in meaning.

(Photo by reporter Weng Yuhuang)